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Mickey Homes

Services Absentee Owners Have Been Waiting For.

Starting June 1st 2018

 Mickey Homes $30 Absentee Home Owners Club.

Knowing is the begining.

When you become an absentee home owners club member you’ll be able to order services, interact with other absentee owners, increase your rental income, get insider tips, keep updated on your home's value, know what is going on in the area that might affect your home and become a part of a society that wants to do more than go to Epcot's flower festival.


To the hands on and hands off owners.

 Hands On! As a member you will have access to the Mickey Homes tools and equipment to do jobs yourself without ever having to buy them, rent them and especially store them in your limited space home. Mickey Homes has a van with tool trailer that can be dropped off at a member's home at no charge for the Day or even a Week when reserved by a member. The trailer is full of tools, ladders, pressure washer, tile cutters, drop cloths, power tools, extension cords and most anything a do it yourselfer would need to do home projects when in town.

Hands Off! If you are not the handy type or simply wish to enjoy your home when in town just call one of our expert to do your jobs for you. Members will have exclusive access to Jane and Alan's personal contractors to call directly. These Realtors have hired and fired a lot of contractors over the years and as a member you'll get instant access to what they think are the best and most trusted contractors in the Disney area.


Members rentals will increase!

Being a member means your rental home gets to go on the rental section of Mickey Homes to increase your rental income. Unlike the big guys overseas Mickey Homes won't bombard your rental pages we put up for you with competitive/ similiar homes like yours to draw the renter away from your information and pictures. Your page has your information and not another member's information. We pride ourselves on bringing owners the best rates in the business and we have positioned our website high on the search engines with search terms " rent a pool home near Disney" 'rent a condo near Disney' rent a townhouse near Disney" "Rent a home in Orlando"  100 more search terms. You will like our bookings!

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Joining the Absentee Home Owners Club is only $30 per month,  $410.00 up front which includes a 1 time $50 web page setup fee ( $50 per home ) and your 1st year’s membership paid in advance. Notices for renewel will be 1 month before membership runs out.


You've decided to not rent your home out to vacationers.

Mickey Homes does not do short term rental property management but we do offer a simple caretaking service that makes sense for only $60 a month. By signing up for this service you still have membership privileges.

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