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Please take a look at the Mickey Homes Affiliates

Supreme Florida Title - The Orlando area is rich with buyers and sellers from all over the world. The Supreme Florida Title staff can provide the knowledge and experience to ensure a smooth closing for buyers or sellers in any language. Supreme Florida Title, the best choice for your title & closing needs.

Contact: Toni Singleton - - 407-423-1522 x211

Li'l Lap Dog - Li'l LapDog Rescue has, since 2003, found homes for over 500 dogs. We have 5 foster homes and there are usually about 20+ dogs waiting for adoption.

Contact: - LJ Dvd Tours is the sister company of Mickey Homes. Lucy Clark is the photographer and Jane LaFrance is the Marketer. LJ Dvd Tours creates Virtual Tours for Rental Homes and Homes for Sale.

 407-436-2130 - All prints are autographed. Lucy is a young up and coming photographer, with a passion for photography. Soon to be one of the most sought after photographers.




Rent this 6 bed Home Windsor Palms


Rent this 4 Bed Town Home in Lake Berkley


Rent this 6 bed Pool Home in Windsor Hills


Rent this Gorgeous 6 Bed Pool Home Formosa Gardens

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