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Real Estate Sales Near Disney World Orlando

Jane & Alan LaFrance:  25 years combined experience selling homes near Disney World.

Who will you trust selling your home in Orlando near Disney?

This Website Gets 2,000 - 4,000 real estate related hits a week, let it help you sell your home.


Real Estate License Holders are Plentiful in Orlando, however most of them are part timers not invested in the Business of Selling Real Estate. Some of these Part Timers are property managers knowing someday their owners will sell and get the listing by convenience. We're sure they are really good at managing your home but they are still part time Realtors, maybe one of your guests will buy your home but realistically not.

When you were buying you did your research. 

Do yourself a favor and do your research on who will list your home.

If you do you'll save thousands of dollars and time.

Jane & Alan are all in, fully invested by time and money to sell your home at the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time. Put them to the test, Simply Google " Pool Homes for Sale Near Disney" or "Condos for sale near Disney" or "townhouses for sale near Disney". You'll find or on the first page of all search engines everytime. They get more buyers looking at their listings.

They Invested in you before you even sign with them!

The Web can be your Friend Only if your House can be Found on it.

It's a Big Web and below is How the LaFrance Team Market their Listings to Sell. Google the address of any of their listings and you'll see each house show up on 40 + Real Estate Search Engines listed below.

Superb service and marketing for the standard commission

They have invested selling your home before you even call them.

Experienced Orlando Realtors Near Walt Disney World

Click on your subdivision to see today's market condition.

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