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Rent a Mickey Home for your Orlando Vacation

Mickey Homes

You deal directly with Jane or Alan, no journeyman ever take over.

Jane & Alan LaFrance have 26 years combined experience selling homes near Disney World. It may appear they have an office of 20-30 because of the amount of homes they sell but it will always be Jane or Alan answering their important clients phone calls.

From listing to closing!

This Website Gets 3,000 - 5,000 hits a Week on these 4 specific search terms.

1) "Pool homes for sale near Disney"

2) "Homes for sale near Disney"

3) "Condos for sale near Disney"

4) "Townhouses for sale near Disney"


Real Estate license holders are plentiful in Orlando but most of them are part timers.

Jane & Alan are fulltime Realtors -

fully invested in selling your home before you even contact them.

Their billboards, their wrapped van / trailer and other marketing

avenues they have in place is to get the home buyers who are here to look at this website.

For those buyers who are not here this is how they market their listings on the Big Web.

The guy or gal serving you at the coffee shop who gave you their real estate business card maynot be totally invested in selling your home.

The part time real estate license holder working at the coffee shop








The Realtor from the other side of town




Realtors Jane and Alan LaFrance







Would you like to set up an appointment with us to list your home? Call us, or send us an email below.

To:  Jane and Alan LaFrance

First Name: 
Last Name: 

Letter machine Realtors, ask yourself, what are they selling?


These Realtors are marketing themselves more than their Listings. is the buyer's choice to find homes for sale near Disney.

 Jane and Alan are the Experts in Home Sales Near Disney.

Foreign National Home Owner Sales? Experts

Selling Your Vacation Rental without Bothering Your Guests? Experts

Transitioning Future Guests and Monies from Seller to New Owner? Experts

Working with your Property Manager? Experts 

Getting you the Highest Price? Experts

or Getting you the Fastest Sale? Experts

They will sell your Kissimmee Home!

They Will sell your Davenport Home!

They will sell your Orlando Home!

They will sell your Clermont Home!

They will sell your Celebration Home!

They will sell your Haines City Home!

They will sell your Winter Garden Home!

They will sell your Hunter's Creek Home!

and they will sell your Windermere Home!

If the home is near Disney we'll sell it!

our listings move!

just sold April 2018


just sold March 2018


just sold March 2018


just sold March 2018


Is Your Home Already Listed?

If it doesn't work out call us.


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