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Weekly Pool Service near Disney World Kissimmee Davenport


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New Home Sales Near Disney Interior Design


Trusted Property Management Near Disney World Orlando Florida


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Quality HVAC Air Conditioning Services Davenport Florida


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How do I increase my vacation rentals near Disney World Kissimmee Davenport Florida


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Vacation Homes for sale in Orlando


ADT care taker 2nd home security near Disney World Kissimmee Davenport Florida


Real Estate Sales Near Disney World Orlando

Jane & Alan have over 25 years combined experience selling homes in Orlando.

This Website Gets 2,000 - 4,000 real estate related hits a week.

They are Foreign National Specialists.

Who will you trust selling your home near Disney?

Real Estate License Holders are Plentiful in Orlando, however most of them are part timers not invested in the Business of Selling Real Estate. Many of these Part Timers Near Disney are property managers knowing someday their owners will sell and get the listing by convenience. They may be really good at managing your property but they're part timers. 

Don't list your home by convenience, it can cost you thousands in the end.  

Jane & Alan are all in, fully invested by time and money to sell your home at the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time. Put them to the test, Simply Google " Pool Homes for Sale Near Disney" or "Condos for sale near Disney" or "townhouses for sale near Disney". You'll find or on the first page of all search engines everytime. They get more buyers looking at their listings.

They Invested in you before you even sign with them!


The Web can be your Friend Only if your House can be Found on it.

It's a Big Web and below is How they Market their Listings to Sell. Google the address of any of their listings and you'll see each house show up on 40 + Real Estate Search Engines listed below.



Superb Service and marketing for the Standard Commission

We're Invested Selling Your Home Before You Even Call Us.

Websites your Home will appear on

Experienced Orlando Realtors Near Walt Disney World

Click on your subdivision to see today's market condition.

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Reunion Homes

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Celebration Homes for sale

Hunters Creek Homes for sale

Providence Homes

Orlando Real Estate Sales Near Disney

Why Choose a Fulltime Realtor to Sell Your Home?

Would you bring your $200,000 income tax problem to the Tax Guy you met at your favorite restaurant bussing your table?

If you had a $200,000 legal problem would you go to that smart guy tending bar?

It's the same for Real Estate, in both cases above if they have their accounting degree or have passed the bar to practice law ask yourself why aren't they doing it fulltime?

Lastly don't list your home by convenience, yes your property manager may have a Real Estate License and you like him or her but isn't selling homes a second job for them? In a sense aren't they being asked to sell one of their monthly paychecks, what's their motivation? Hire a Fulltime Realtor.

 Jane and Alan are Full Time Realtors, they make their living selling homes.

To Set Up a Meeting Call Jane Directly at 407-436-2130

Please read their Testimonials.

2013 Xcellence Realty closed 1668 transactions, $230,066,537.72 Sales volume and currently in 2014 has 248 listings throughout Florida.

Some Realtors are Letter Machines Marketing themselves more than their Listings.

Jane & Alan believe Selling Your Home isn't Sending hundreds of Letters to Other Home Owners, they'll Spend their Time and $ Marketing your Home to Sell.

State of the Art Marketing is what you'll get when you List your Home with them.

 Jane and Alan are the Experts in Home Sales Near Disney!

Foreign National Home Owner Sales? Experts

Selling Your Vacation Rental without Bothering Your Guests? Experts

Transitioning Future Guests and Monies from Seller to New Owner? Experts

Working with your Property Manager? Experts 

Getting you the Highest Price? Experts

or Getting you the Fastest Sale? Experts

They will sell your Kissimmee Home!

They Will sell your Davenport Home!

They will sell your Orlando Home!

They will sell your Clermont Home!

They will sell your Celebration Home!

They will sell your Haines City Home!

They will sell your Winter Garden Home!

and they will sell your Windermere Home!

Without Doubt.

To Set Up a Meeting Call Jane Directly at 407-436-2130

Please read their Testimonials.

The Web is a Seller's Friend when the Pictures Look Good, Call us.

View one of our Virtual Tours

Contact, Jane 407-436-2130, Alan 407-492-7254 to Discuss Listing your Home

Would you like to set up an appointment with us to list your home? Call us, or send us an email below.

To:  Jane and Alan LaFrance

First Name: 
Last Name: 

Just Sold July 2016, We Also Brought The Buyers


Just Sold July 2016, We Also Brought The Buyers


Is Your Home Already Listed?

Great! Your Current Agent or Office Has a Website.

When you Google Search "Pool Homes For Sale Near Disney" Does their Website come up on the 1st Page?

When you Google Search "Condos For Sale Near Disney" Does their Website come up on the 1st Page?

When you Google Search "Townhouses For Sale Near Disney" Does their Website come up on the 1st Page?

Ours Does and Why We Have More Buyers.

Hopefully Your Pictures Were Not Taken with a Phone

The Web is the New Office so Pictures are Important.

 We have a Pro Who Takes Our Pictures.

Foreign National Sellers, Does Your Agent Know What FIRPTA Means?

It's Important, We Know.

Is Your Home a Vaction Rental?

Your Agent Should be Touting About Your Booking History or Future Bookings Going to the New Owners.

Your Agent Should Know How to Handle Money Transfer for Bookings at Closing

Are You Selling Your Home Furnished?

If Not Handled Correctly at the Begining of a Contract, the Buyer's Lender May Depreciate the Estimated Value of the Furnishings From the House's Sale Value Lowering It Affecting the Buyer's Ability to Come up with the Cash Needed to Close.


Sold June 2016


Sold June 2016


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Your Home
Your Market
Your Listing

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