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Mickey Homes

List Your Home with the Experts near Disney

Some Realtors are Letter Machines Marketing themselves more than their Listings.

Not us, we believe selling a Home isn't Selling it, it's Marketing it to Sell

State of the Art Marketing is what you'll get when you List your Home with us.

Websites your Home will appear on

First Why Choose a Realtor to Sell Your Home?

Real estate transactions involve one of the biggest financial investments most people experience in their lifetime. Transactions today exceed $100,000, if you had a $100,000 income tax problem would you attempt to deal with it without the help of a CPA or Tax Professional? If you had a $100,000 legal question would you deal with it without the help of an attorney? Considering the small upside cost and the large downside risk, it would be foolish in most educated opinions to consider a deal in real estate without the professional assistance of an experienced Real Estate Agent and if you own a home near Disney World We are your Professionals.

Second We are the Experts in Home Sales Near Disney!

Foreign National Home Owner Sales? Experts

Selling Your Vacation Rental without Bothering Your Guests? Experts

Transitioning Future Guests and Monies from seller to new owner? Experts

Working with your Property Manager? Experts 

Getting you the Highest Price? Experts

or Getting you the Fastest Sale? Experts

We will sell your Kissimmee Home!

We Will sell your Davenport Home!

We will sell your Orlando Home!

We will sell your Clermont Home!

We will sell your Celebration Home!

We will sell your Haines City Home!

We will sell your Winter Garden Home!

and we will sell your Windermere Home!

Without Doubt.

Kind Regards,
Jane and Alan


Great Photographs and Virtual Tour when you List a Home with Mickey Homes

View one of our Virtual Tours

Contact, Jane 407-436-2130, Alan 407-492-7254 to Discuss Listing your Home

Would you like to set up an appointment with us to list your home? Call us, or send us an email below.

To:  Jane and Alan LaFrance

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Last Name: 

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Emerald Island Sold in 2014


Rolling Hills Sold in 2014


Formosa Gardens Sold in 2014


Windsor Palms Sold in 2014


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