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Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Redfin.com, Homefinder.com, Housevalues.com & Homes.com

are all algorithm websites.  Those sites are pretty , easy to manuever and very functional for users but they want you to believe any 2 houses that may be similar in square footage, have the same amount of bedrooms/ bathrooms, & lot size in the same zip code area a couple miles apart both have the same value.

These sites don't sell homes, they sell advertisments and monthly memberships to Realtors who need clients.

It's amusing to Jane & Alan as well as frustrating to see these algorithm websites promoting their members as 5 star experts in the area ( Disney World ) where they've worked for 16 years but not ever heard of any of their names before. It's a good thing there are GPS's for these 5 star experts.