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  • We Pride Ourselves on:
  • Service. We put Client first, Reputation before sale and mission before self. We take pride in being hard workers, creative, diverse, inclusive, aggressive to achieve the goal set before us and responsive to our co-brokers so we obtain the smoothest transaction possible.
  • Integrity. We uphold the highest standards of real estate conduct. We are truthful and forthright, and we provide real estate information and analysis without institutional bias or incentives. We maintain our clients trust through accountability with clear communication.
  • Excellence. Both of us come from 2 completely different occupations before getting our Florida Real Estate Licences, we bring the best of our diverse backgrounds and expertise to real estate sales near Disney World. We are self-aware, reflecting on our performance with every buyer we show homes to or any home listing we take.. We strive to make the home sales process pleasurable not stressful, informative not withholding so we can reach the intended goal together as proposed.
  • Reputation. We set the standards high for ourselves resulting to our # 1 source of sales leads which are referrals from happy clients present and past. Many in our business market themselves so much to existing home owners they forget how to or don’t have the time to market their existing listings to sell. Drip marketing does work, it’s annoying and we won’t participate in it to get a listing.
  • Teamwork. When we have a buyer we work hand and hand with the seller’s agent, when we have a listing we make sure all buyer’s agents have the information they need of the subject home so they can pass it on to their clients before they even call us to see it . Collaboration, both internal and external, underpins our best outcomes. Communication and inclusion while protecting our client’s position in a sales transaction at all times are our sales imperatives.
  • Realtors: Jane and Alan LaFrance, serving real estate clients near Disney World since 2004

Buying a home near Disney should be fun not stressful.

From Realtors Jane and Alan LaFrance

If you want to be pushed, up-sold 

or taken to only properties that

pays us the highest commissions

we can do that  but we would rather


 We see others in our profession up-selling

and it looks stressful to us, their buyers look

stressed and even the agent looks stressed because

the up-selling isn't working so instead of the agent getting a bigger pay day he or she doesn't

get a pay day at all. 

We promise not to stress you if you won't stress us, we'll listen to what you want, show you

homes that meet your price range and criteria because honestly we like what we do. 

We're easy, search 1st ask us questions later.

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Maybe you are in the market for an investment rental home.

You might not think its huge but when you are an absentee owner it's HUGE.




just check the dates and if it's available we'll drop it off..

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Contact us, we want to be your Realtors.

Whether you are planning to buy your first home or sell your existing home, contact us today! 

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By your side from start to finish and well after the sale

As of 2019 we have a combined 27 years experience selling homes near Disney World and we've

sold over 500 homes during that period. We work for ourselves, we don't have a quota, majority of

our owners were referred to us by other owners who were pleased with the experience they had with

us. Our sellers in most cases were our buyers at one point

So if you are looking for a stressful experience just let us know, we won't like it but we'll do the

best we can.  Jane & Alan

Now some interesting facts but more SEO verbiage for those web crawlers to find us on search terms that may have brought you to this website.   


As licensed Realtors we have the Realtor's MLS database at our finger tips to find

any home at any price range anywhere in Florida. As your buyer's agent we work

for you not the seller.

You have personal wants or needs and it is our job to listen to you so we can show

you only what you want to see.

Maybe you are from another Country looking to buy a 2nd home near Disney World?

In that case you are not only here looking for a home you want to spend some

precious vacation time with your family so we'll suggest for you to pick 1 or 2

Days to look at homes. Again we listen well, act efficiently and depending on

your stamina can show you 4 -14 homes that meets youre criteria in 1 Day.

We love getting out of our office to show homes and you'll see that when you meet us.

Maybe you are moving your family here, Dr. Phillips, Hunter's Creek, Windermere

and Celebration are great communities with "A" school systems and still close to

Disney and the attractions.

Maybe you are an investor looking to put your money in Real Estate to get a good

return, 2016 is a great time to invest in Orlando. The airport is expanding, the

theme parks are thriving breaking income records and positive growth is going

on all over the Central Florida area.

Maybe you are looking for a 2nd home near Disney to rent to vacationers so it 

pays for itself when you are not using it? We know the ins and outs of short term

rental in the area.

Maybe you want a brand new home in a brand new resort closest to Disney,

there are 20+ of new resorts being built and it's in the early phases so prices

are great.

Maybe you have the financial stability to own a 2nd home next to a movie star

 or an active or retired professional athelete? We would suggest taking you to

see the beautiful Isleworth Estates or Lake Nona Estates. Orlando is the East

Coast's Hollywood in these 2 communities, prices are still low starting in the

low $1. Mil up to $12 Mil Estates just minutes away from the attractions.

Maybe you are retiring and want Orlando because so much is going on all

of the time, we have many 55+ active communities to show you.

You will get professional guidance and advice from us.

We'll assist you in finding Mortgage Brokers or Direct Lenders to talk with i

f you need one.

We educate you on the process of Buying / working with builders for your

New Home.

We make sure that you are fully comfortable with any decisions you need

to make - Before you commit.

We will advise you on the market values in the neighborhood of choice so

we can negotiate confidently any offers you make on a Home.

We make sure before we start to negotiate that the property you are

interested in will meet the appraisal requirements if you are in need of a


We assist you with setting up an inspection and if needed bring in additional

licensed professionals.

We represent you as your Agent - Before, During and After the Closing.

Tell us what you are looking for, we listen!

We look forward finding you the home of your dreams.

Kind Regards,
Jane and Alan

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