Affordable Management Solutions until Covid-19 is Contained

Home Owners in Windsor Palms Resort and surrounding areas near Disney World your Rental Bookings are being cancelled because of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, we have a cost cutting solution until this pandemic is over!

Disney World and Univeral Studios just closed their Gates but don't panic.

Jane and Alan LaFrance are Realtors near Disney World but are not asking you to sell your home. They don't want to see home owners saturate the market with homes for sale because of this temporary situation.

They have an affordable cost cutting solution to protect your investment until this is over .

For 11 Years Mickey Homes Home Watch Service has catered to 2nd Home Owners Near Disney World  who don't rent their homes out to vacationers, it's a simple walk through service to ensure your home is looked after for only $60 a month. There are no long term contracts, Jane and Alan have been selling vacation homes near Disney since 2004 so they understand you made your investment for vacation rental purposes. Our solution is simple, temporary if you wish and we have been doing this since 2009.

Every 5 - 9 Days we'll walk through your home.

We'll take a random picture every visit to show you all is well at your house or show a problem if we see one..

If we see a problem we'll suggest a solution.

We'll supply timers for 2 lights to show the home maybe occupied.

We'll supply or change porch & front door art every visit again to show activity at the house.

Change out A/C air filters.

We have the best contractors at your disposal with nothing off of the top from us.

We have the best service providers at wholesale prices, from pool service, lawn care and cleaners if needed.

Why pay your property management full price for an empty house.

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