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COVID-19 has shocked the World but we're still working as hard as ever.


It's 2020 and COVID-19 disrupted home sales but not stopped it in the US.

Realtors Jane and Alan have been selling vacation homes, condos and townhouses in Orlando near the mouse for nearly 30 years combined. They have experienced Hurricanes, the home market crash of 2008 and still have  successfully closed hundreds of real estate transactions with buyers and sellers from all over the world. COVID-19 is a shock to us all but we'll get through it.

Times like this experience matters, it would be hard to find another real estate agent with more knowledge and experience working with Foreign National Sellers near the mouse than Alan and Jane LaFrance.  These 2 agents are full time Realtors who answer their phone, return phone calls and get their clients to closing. Foreign National sellers will get penalized by the US IRS if  their Realtor isn't familiar with FIRPTA or have a specialist who works directly with the IRS regarding foreign nationals selling their US homes. Jane and Alan have been working with foreign national home sales for years and  their friends in England UK, Brazil, Ireland, Iceland, Canada, Scotland, Germany and the EU have always made it to closing with out IRS penalties.

Jane and Alan are not only experienced Realtors near Disney they are problem solvers, for years they saw their absentee home sellers buy tools to update/ freshen up their homes to sell or hire out contractors for jobs they had the capability of doing but didn't think it was cost effective to buy the tools for so few times they would get to use them. Jane and Alan saw this problem for years so they went out and bought the van and trailer below, filled them with tools, ladders, power tools, pressure washers, painting equipment, tile cutters etc.. for the home sellers who list with them to use for free so they can get their home ready to sell.

It's been a hit.

You list your home with us, we'll drop off the van, trailer full of tools for you to use for free for as long as you need it

Problem Solved! 

When you buy a home near Disney you get to use ourtool truck for free.

Please click on the picture to see what we have for tools and to reserve our tool truck for free. 

Superior Service, Years of Experience all for the Standard Commission.

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