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Why choose Jane and Alan to sell your home near Disney World?


Real Estate Agents at Windsor Hills Kissimmee Florida 34747

It's 2021 and people around the world have been cooped up for almost an whole year.

COVID 19 has kicked everybody hard but now we have a vaccine.

The airlines are hiring again.

Soon International Restrictions will be Lifted.

Investors the time is now to buy a vacation home to rent while the prices are reasonable, Disney and their hotels of course survived 2020 but hundreds of hotels did not survive and people will need a place to stay.

People need a vacation from staying at home, it's going to get crazy here.

So much was done in 2019 at Disney World but very few people saw it in 2020 such as the $1 Billion Star Wars Galaxy Edge Land featuring eateries, themed stores and the Millennium Falcon ride along with the celebrated more sophisticated Rise of the Resistance Ride for examples of their investment in themselves. Inside the parks guests have choices to move from park to park  with transportation that consists of Disney's version of Uber easily spotted vehicles with Red Pocka Dots or take their buses and  the companies biggest investment in in park people movers their brand new Gondolas.

Universal Studios didn't sit back and watch, they introduced Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure and plans were revealed that a 3rd  Universal Park will be built near the Orange County Convention Center showing more confidence in the Orlando market.

Legoland  locally is small in comparison but attendance is high, high enough for them  for them to open up 3 new rides based on the multi-million $ hit movies from the Lego Movie Franchises provong to be their biggest expansion in the Orlando Theme Park Corridor. 

Sea World bounced back in a huge fasion by having a whole section dedicated to the Nostalgic Sesame Street  Franchise, adults remembering what they grew up with sharing their TV experiences with their children and Grandchildren while walking hand and hand with Big Bird in person.  

2021 is going to get crazy busy in Orlando.

If they are Investing Millions of Dollars into Themselves to Create Better Guests Experiences

why not you?

FACT: "50,000,000 people came through the Orlando International Airport in 

a 1 Year Span ending in Oct 2019" and they needed a place to sleep.

2020 only 2 people...just joking but 2021 will get crazy busy.

Realtors Jane and Alan have been selling vacation homes, condos and townhouses in Orlando near the mouse for 31 years combined. They have successfully closed hundreds of real estate transactions with buyers and sellers like you from all over the world who loves Central Florida enough to own a home here.

Whether you are buying a pool home in Kissimmee or Davenport for short term rental investment or simply to use as a second home near Disney you can be confident these 2 agents will take you through the home sale process with ease from beginning until you are ready to sell it many years down the road.

Jane and Alan are not only experienced Realtors near Disney they are problem solvers, for years they saw their absentee owners buy tools for their home projects when they were in town. Other owners had the capability of doing home projects but hired outside contractors because of the cost of the tools vs the amount of times they would be used so hiring out was more practical. Vacation homes also have limited space to store bulky tools, ladders, power tools and pressure washers never mind when it is time to sell their home more than likely the tools they bought will go with it.

These real estate agents recognized the problem and are so committed to their current owners and future owners they bought the van and trailer below,  filled them full of tools for their short term rental owners and second home owners to use for free so they don't have buy tools themselves that they may use only once or twice during the period of their ownership.

Problem Solved!