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Why Us?

Best New Resorts and Homes near Disney World Orlando

right now there are

over 20 new resorts

being built and we

only recommend 7.

we have reasons, ask us

7 New Resorts in 34747

we recommend are

being built by award

winning builders familiar

with what vacationers

want and need.

we don't recommend is not

about the structure or the

location or the builder.

It's about the language built

into the community's

association rules and

regulations that may effect

owners selling their home

for top $ in the future.

The 7 we recommend will

do just fine when it's time

to sell.

buy a home that

appreciates not



you came to Orlando to

buy a new vacation home

it was a sunny florida

day, you went out on your

own to look at a new resort

with model homes you saw

on the web or in a newspaper


the models were beautiful

close to disney

you negotiated the pants

off that builder's sales

person, signed the paperwork

and it's now yours.

unfortunately due to the

excitement of negotiations you

didn't.....never mind we'll

be by your side to help.

we have many owners

who bought 1 and now own

3 or more homes paying

nothing out of pocket.

we know their secrets.

we know the property

managers to use and

stay away from.

the wrong resort

the wrong floor plan

the wrong property manager

you'll do well!

is the #1 reason why

you won't get a better deal

going to the builder directly

compared to walking in with

one of us.

the builders know us,

we're the professionals

we have the client base

they love us because

we save them money in


we love them because

they take good care of

our client base and they

pay us not the buyer.

the new resorts we'll show

you are awesome.

we'll show you the tricks

to making your home

a top rental and a home

you'll be proud to show

your friends when they

go on vacation with you.

new home prices go

up every time the builder

releases a new phase.

2016 is the early


read our testimonials.







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