Our Booking Procedure.

New owners are required to pay a 1 time loading fee of $100.00 to list their home on Mickey Homes. This fee pays for the time it takes to load pictures and verbiage you provided to us to put on the website page we built for your home. We strongly recommend having professional pictures taken if it hasn't already been done, we have a photographer at your disposal that charges $130 if you wish just let us know.

Owners do not pay us an annual fee to be listed on our website, once we receive your online request to list your home we will give you a quote on what we pay for a home your size in the neighborhood/ subdivision  your home is in. We mark up our advertised rates $30 per night over your quote and that is how we get paid. The quote can be negotiated if your home is dressed up a lot more than a typical updated vacation home or has a special lot it sits on. Our advertised rate averages $10-15 per night over the market rates and more than likely your rate so we tend to meet owners in the middle which we are told is better than of what most property managers pay their owners.

Our calendar will match/ mirror your best online calendar so we avoid double bookings.

Please give us the link to main calendar you, your property manager use and guests use that shows when the house is occupied or vacant.

When we get a booking request for your home we offer 1 of 2 options, you can change options simply by letting us know by email.

  1. When we get a booking request for your home we will let you know right away the Dates and what we are paying, you will have the 1st right of first refusal with this option, please note the more you refuse our bookings the further down the list you go as a preferred owner.

  2. If your home gets a booking request and you choose this option we will automatically collected the 20% deposit or payment in full from the guests depending when the guests booked and the time they arrive to secure it. This option will put you on the top of our preferred list plus get you more bookings because time has not been wasted asking if you want it or not.

Once the renter commits we collect 20% of the booking right away if the arrival Dates is further out than 60 Days, if the arrival is less than 60 Days away from request we collect the booking in full.

Once we collect the payment we will let you know we took the booking and the amount we are paying, if you choose option a we will tell you the Dates and what we are paying and wait for your approval before asking for payment from the renter. It is up to you to let your property manager know the home is booked during those dates so they can mark it off on their calendar and have the home ready when the guests arrive.

60 Days before arrival we will collect payment in full from the renter.

We collect the rate, the tourist tax plus pool heat if requested by the guests. We pay $25 a night to owners for pool heat again if requested by the guests.

2 Weeks before arrival we normally collect a $350 security deposit from the guests, we can adjust that amount per owners request.

1 Week before arrival we will pay owners while sending out our own confirmation letter with the home’s access code and details to the renter providing they are not a Florida resident. If they are a Florida resident we will give them the codes on the Day of arrival, if they are Orlando local resident we will meet them in person and take a picture of their driver's license, license plates to prevent parties that local friends and family could easily attend. We don't take bookings from Orlando area residents during high school graduation weeks, Memorial Day weeks, 4th of July weeks and Labor Day weeks.

Our confirmation letter will have your property manager as the contact person if they run into any problems during their stay.

On our confirmation letters the guests are informed they are not allowed to enter the home before 4 pm on the Day of arrival and must vacate by 10 am on the Day of departure. Our letter also instructs them to read the home’s Guest book for home rules, trash rules, home association rules and how to work things in the home.

Cleaning Fees: We do not charge a cleaning fee to guests who stay 7 nights or longer to promote a longer stay, if guests stay 6 nights or less we will collect the amount of your cost to have the home cleaned from the renters and include it in our payment to you.

We collect the tourist taxes from the renters and pay it to you, we do not pay the taxes to the County or State for you. 

Any claim from you or your property manager for damage or neglegence caused by the renters we provided need to be told to us on the Day of discovery ( within 48 hours from the Day of departure)  backed up with pictures so we can follow up the same Day to see it in person. If the claim is valid in our opinion we will collect the amount needed to repair or replace such items out of the guests security deposit we hold. All claims must be made within 48 hours of departure ( the amount of time we tell guests we will refund their deposits )

Any changes to the décor of the house during your time with us we would appreciate to be updated by sending us the new pictures so we can change the ones we have.