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Take a look at every Home for Sale in these Popular Subdivisions

Please click on each of the links to view all the homes for sale in each subdivision.

We have included 2 prestigious communites called Celebration and Reunion and our top subdivision choices in Kissimmee, Davenport and Orlando.

You can choose between 3 types of Property...

Pool Homes, these can be Villas / Houses between 1 and possibly 3 stories.

Townhomes or as British or Irish would call them Terraced or Detached Houses which either have a small private pool or no private pool and vary between 2 or 3 stories.

Condos or as British or Irish would call them Flats or Apartments, these are always 1 level with no private pool.

This is your chance to see every home, townhome or condo for sale in these popular areas near Disney World!

The area you like isn't listed? No problem, you can still use the form at the bottom of the page and request to see everything for sale in your criteria.


Would you like to see the location of all the subdivisions near Disney World? Check out our wonderful Subdivision Map



Pool Homes



Celebration Pool Homes For Sale

Florida Pool Homes


Reunion Pool Homes For Sale




Emerald Island

Emerald Island Pool Home for Sale

Formosa Gardens

Formosa Gardens Pool Homes for Sale

Windsor Hills

Windsor Hills Pool Homes for Sale

Windsor Palms

Windsor Palms Pool Homes For Sale

Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills Pool Homes For Sale

Indian Creek

Indian Creek Pool Homes For Sale

Oak Island

Oak Island Kissimmee Homes For Sale

Indian Ridge Oaks

Indian Ridge Oaks Kissimmee Homes For Sale

Indian Ridge

Indian Ridge Kissimmee Homes For Sale

Sunset Lakes

Sunset Lakes Kissimmee Homes For Sale

Acadia Estates

Acadia Estates Kissimmee Homes For Sale

Terra Verde

Terra Verde Kissimmee Homes For Sale

Donald Disney's Animal Kingdom

Lake Berkley

Lake Berkley Kissimmee Homes for Sale

Sunset of Dreams - Walt Disney World




Hampton Lakes

Hampton Lakes Davenport Homes for Sale

Highlands Reserve

Highlands Reserve Davenport Homes for Sale

Calabay Parc

Calabay Parc Davenport Homes for Sale

Florida Pines

Florida Pines Davenport Homes for Sale


Westridge Davenport Homes for Sale

Tuscan Ridge

Tuscan Ridge Davenport Homes for Sale

West Haven

West Haven Davenport Homes for Sale

Bridgewater Crossing

Bridgewater Crossing Davenport Homes for Sale


Providence Davenport Homes for Sale




Disney's Hollywood Studios  Sorcerer's Hat

Hunter's Creek

Hunter's Creek Orlando Homes for Sale

Minnie Disney's Hollywood Studios


Terraced or...


Town Homes

...Detached Houses

Windsor Hills

Windsor Hills Kissimmee Townhomes for Sale

Emerald Island

Emerald Island Kissimmee Townhomes for Sale

Terra Verde

Terra Verde Kissimmee Townhomes for Sale

Lake Berkley

Lake Berkley Kissimmee Townhomes for Sale

Hunter's Creek

Hunter's Creek Orlando Townhomes for Sale


Celebration Townhomes for Sale




Windsor Palms

Windsor Palms Kissimmee Condos for Sale

Vista Cay

Vista Cay Orlando Condos for Sale

Windsor Hills

Windsor Hills Kissimmee Condos for Sale


Celebration Condos for Sale


Reunion Condos for Sale

Hunter's Creek

Hunter's Creek Orlando Condos for Sale



If you would like to view or ask questions about any of the properties in any subdivision, please fill out the form below. We are happy to show you anything and are ready to serve you in the process of buying your Central Florida Home.


To:  Jane and Alan LaFrance

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Last Name: 

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