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Mickey Homes

Terms and Conditions

To list my home on which is part of Golden Triangle Enterprises LLC, I agree and accept the following Terms & Conditions below.

  • I agree to let the Mickey Homes Team market my property near Disney World in Florida for rental purposes.
  • I will have an online booking calendar, I’ll keep it up to date and allow it to be seen so that a member of the Mickey Homes Team can keep the calendar on my listing up to date.
  • I understand that my management company or myself have 48 hours to accept a booking from or the booking will be passed to another owner.
  • I understand that Mickey Homes are booking agents and not a management company.
  • I have the right to accept or decline any reservation made by Mickey Homes within reason and without prejudice within the 48 hour notification.
  • I'll keep my villa available for the period of the booking that I accepted from the Mickey Homes Team.
  • I understand renters will pay a 20% deposit to secure the booking of my home. I agree to pay any PayPal or Credit Card charges, if any, retained by Mickey Homes.
  • Mickey Homes will collect the outstanding balance, a security deposit of $350 will be held by the Mickey Homes Team and returned to the renter after the guests leave if no claim of damages have been made by my management company. If damages occurred during the guests stay I acknowledge that I have 48 hours from the time the guests leave ( departure date ) to notify the Mickey Homes Team to release the security deposit to my management company to be disputed. I understand that the Mickey Home’s Team is not the determining agent to retain the security deposit for damages, lost items or for any other reason. My management company or I will be the deciding agent to retain or return the renter’s security deposit and will not hold Mickey Homes accountable for any loss or gain in any monetary dispute between owner and management, owner and renter or management and renter.
  • I understand I or my property manager will be paid for bookings supplied by Mickey Homes 1 week prior to the guest’s arrival.
  • Mickey Homes will not send out my property's address & directions to the renters until full payment has been received, cleared and no earlier than 2 weeks before arrival.
  • My property or properties will be professionally cleaned for the guests on the day of or the day before the guests arrive.
  • My property or properties is under a periodical pest control in program.
  • The Mickey Homes Team reserves the right to remove my listing if found to contain false information.
  • The Mickey Homes Team reserves the right to remove my listing if complaints are received from guests regarding poor maintenance, structural flaws, operational deficiencies and overall cleanliness of my home.
  • I warrant the information I provided with regard to the property listed is accurate.
  • Payment to me will be the day after guests arrival for the first booking, for all future bookings payment will be a week before arrival.
  • It is my responsibility "the homeowner" to keep all my villa's details updated by emailing a member of the Mickey Homes Team, the Mickey Homes Team accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies.
  • I will provide my management company’s contact information and convey to them that they need to cooperate with the Mickey Homes Team.
  • If payments are made to my management company instead of me directly and the amount deposited into my account differs from the amount the Mickey Homes Team paid out the Mickey Homes Team will have a copy on file incase I want to dispute the amount with my management.
  • I understand the Mickey Homes Team reserves the right to remove my listing if my management company is not cooperative, maintaining my home to its highest standards or not communicating effectively with the Mickey Homes Team regarding bookings. I appreciate the fact that Mickey Homes will notify me by email of such circumstances before removing my home from the site at chance I can resolve the problem.
  • I understand that Mickey Homes is a booking agency business for profit and that the advertised rental price for my home on  differs from what I get paid.
  • I will not hold the Mickey Homes Team responsible for any actions by any renter they provide. I understand if any legal action is required to obtain financial reimbursement for damage a guest or guests made during their stay that exceeded the $350 deposit collected will be directed to the guests themselves not Mickey Homes and the process will be followed through by my property management company or myself. I understand and accept the fact the Mickey Home’s Team do not screen guests, they do not profile guests and they do not do credit checks on any guests they provide understanding it would be too difficult to do for short term vacation rental purposes.  It is understood the Mickey Home’s Team will co-operate as much as possible to provide as much information on the renter if requested by the owner to solve any and all problems that may occur during or after the guests stay.


                             By checking the box on this web page I accept these terms and conditions

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