Terms & Agreement to Rent This Home.

1. You are required to pay us a non-refundable 20% deposit to confirm your booking, with the outstanding balance due 60 days prior to your arrival date. A Processing Fee of $25.00 is applied to all Reservations and is non Refundable at any time, this is to cover our Administrative costs.

2. All Reservations will be confirmed once Payment has been received and cleared by way of email confirmation.

3. If you are reserving a property within 60 days of your arrival date the Total Reservation Amount is due. The total amount for the rental will automatically become non-refundable. 2 weeks prior to your arrival a $350 refundable security deposit will be due, the deposit will be refunded as soon as the home's  property management tells us the home was in satisfactory condition. Directly after we receive the security deposit 2 weeks prior to your arrival you will be emailed all the information you will require to locate and access your chosen vacation home.

4. Mickey Homes will not be held responsible in the unlikely event we have to cancel your reservation due to unforeseen circumstances. We will endeavor to place you in a vacation home of similar standard or give you a free upgrade to a better home (depending on availability). In the unlikely event this is not possible we will refund all monies paid to Mickey Homes excluding the processing fee. Under no circumstances will any compensation be paid to the renter in the event of a cancellation / relocation of a booking.

5. Mickey Homes are pleased to accept payments by all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal or Cashiers Check from a US Bank Account. Mickey Homes will absorb all Credit Card fees. If Credit card numbers are given to us they are used only for payment processing and are not retained for marketing purposes.

6. Minimum stay is 3 nights depending on property and season. If you have reserved a vacation home for less than 7 nights a cleaning fee will be charged (up to $165) depending on the size of the home. This will be at the homeowner¦s discretion to decline a minimum stay reservation, all reservation requests will be confirmed within 48 hours.

7. All Final Payments must be made 60 days prior to your arrival date submitted on your reservation request, Mickey Homes will request the Payment by email. It is the renter¦s responsibility to inform Mickey Homes of any change of email address, failure to respond to final payment reminders could result in cancellation of your Reservation. Mickey Homes will do their diligence to make contact with renter via email, telephone and / or mail for final Payment.

8. Renter hereby authorizes Mickey Homes to hand over your contact information to the homeowner or the homeowner¦s property manager of the home you stayed in only if there are claims of damage by your group or items missing from the home directly following your stay. It is the renter's responsibility to secure the home at all times to insure security of the home, guests of the home and to deter thievery. You hereby acknowledge that Mickey Homes is not a determining agent for any monetary disputes for damages or missing items from the home you rent. Only the homeowner or the homeowner's property manager will dispute monetary damages or missing items from the home you rented, for the cost of repairs, replacement or extra cleaning for all damage, breakage and / or loss incurred during his / her stay. In the event of damage to the premises, its equipment, furniture or carpeting, renter shall be responsible for damage costs exceeding the security deposit, including collection costs and attorney's fees. We ask all owners or their property managers to provide Documentation & Pictures to prove their claim before we hold your security deposit.

9. Quotes: Mickey Homes Prices quoted are valid for 7 days and prices are subject to change without notice.

10. Pets are not allowed in any of our homes, unless stated on the home's web page and agreed by owner, failure to adhere to this notice, will result in you being removed from any property, and loss of your security deposit. For homes that accept pets you may be required to pay an additional security deposit and cleaning fee.

11. Smoking is strictly forbidden inside any of our homes.

12. For Homes that have BBQs, grills must not be used inside of the Pool area as it is against Florida Law. Additional charges for cleaning will apply and taken from the security deposit if the Pool Deck needs to be cleaned because of poolside BBQ usage. BBQs must only be used on the lawn area outside of the pool screen, Guests will be held responsible for all damage resulting from misuse of BBQ.

13. Early Check In and Late Check Out will only be confirmed and charged for (if applicable), 2 weeks prior to your arrival date (at the earliest). If another booking is checking out the day you arrive or checking in the day you leave, an early check in / late check out will not be possible. If it is possible you will be able to request a time to check in / out and this will have to be approved by the owner / manager.

It is a condition of booking that the maximum number of occupants does not exceed the total the property is listed as sleeping. Violation of this condition will result in the immediate removal from the property with no refund. A County Official may check the property you rent for Florida Occupancy Compliance.

15. You must be 21 years old or over to rent a vacation home.

Security Deposit / Insurance Fee -

All guests have to pay a Refundable Security Deposit of $350 / $500 or a $65 insurance fee, depending on the home.

If the homeowner or property manager requires the $65 insurance fee it will be applied at time of booking and will be stated on the property's Mickey Homes web page, the $65 is non-refundable. The $65 insurance fee is a product to protect guests against accidental damage to the home, all insurance plans are not the same, if a claim by the owner or property manager gets denied by or not paid enough for damages said parties may look for resolve by you or seek legal representation.

For Homes that require the refundable security deposit it is required 2 weeks prior to arrival date. This is intended to cover any accidental damage during your stay, for which you the Guest are solely responsible. The security deposit is fully refundable usually within a week of departure but could take up to 30 days after confirmation from the local management company that no loss or damage has occurred. The guest agrees that the lead name submitted on the booking form remains responsible for all loss from the property or its inventory during the Rental Period.

Pool Heat -

Pool Heat: The temperature recommended for recreational and competitive sports swimming by the American Red Cross and many swimming coaches across America is 78 degrees F. We recommend to our owners to set their pool heater to 82 degrees F for guests stays. It is important to note that this temperature will not feel hot like a spa, noir warm like a bathtub. It is only meant to take the chill off the water so you may swim comfortably. When the air temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit the pump (which sucks in air as part of its operation), although on at full operating capacity may not bring the water up to guests desired temperature that was set by owner or property manager. Please note if pool heat is chosen and the stay happens during a Florida Chill of 55 degrees F or less the operating costs for our owners still rise even though the pool water temperature never reached its setting temperature, guests who chose pool heat during these times will not be refunded for pool heat. The pool heater has warmed the water the best it can under the cold conditions, it is working.

Only if the pool heater is not functioning to its capability is when the cost guests paid for pool heat will be refunded.  To determine this the property manager must be called in by the guests during their stay ( not after or the latter part of their vacation ) to determine if the pool heater is not operating properly.

The pool is cleaned and chemically balanced every week for your safety and comfort; however on rare occasions it may be necessary to apply extra chemicals to the pool to maintain safe and correct chemical levels. Should this occur during your stay it will be necessary for you to be out of the pool for a period of 12-24 hours for safety reasons. Your Children are your responsibilty, do not allow unsupervised children to use the pool or spa. Items such as clothes, toys etc. must not be left in the spa.

Vacation Homes For Sale -

If a property should go on the market for sale or In the event a property should sell and no longer be available for rentals, Mickey Homes will make every effort to find similar accommodations. If we cannot find a comparable accommodation the renter will have the option of selecting from available properties at the published rate or receiving a complete refund of monies paid for your Vacation Rental Home Only.

Price Policy -

The owners reserve the right to increase or decrease there prices shown on this website at any time but not after confirmation unless the renter requests additional days or pool heat after a price increase.

Changes to Mickey Homes Website -

Mickey Homes takes great pride in our service and are continually striving to make improvements to the website.

Mickey Homes reserves the right to: Change or remove (temporarily or permanently) any part of  www.MickeyHomesRentals.com. Terms and Conditions can change at any time without notice.


You the renter understand and accept the cancellation policy of Mickey Homes as follows:

If you should have to cancel your reservation, please notify us in writing immediately. In the event of cancellation, the following charges apply:

60 days or more prior to the arrival date equals loss of your deposit (in some cases this can be transferred to another date).

Less than 60 days you lose 100% of your Rental Charge. For most reasons beyond your control cancellations will be covered by your Travel insurance.


If a Pandemic or crisis like the 2020 Coronavirus COVID- 19 Pandemic occurs before guests arrival Date forcing them to cancel their vacation we will refund all deposits or full payments made to Mickey Homes minus $100 cancellation Fee and $25 Admin fee within 72 hours of the formal request ( by phone or email is fine ) to cover our costs of doing business.

We reserve the right to treat the booking as canceled if we do not receive the balance by the due date.

1. In case of "force majeure" your booking may need to be terminated prior to the scheduled conclusion of your booking, this is unlikely to occur, Although if the situation arises we will not be able to offer refunds, Your Travel Insurance may cover you for these events.

2. Mickey Homes will not warrant or accept responsibility for any misrepresentation provided by the villa owner. We simply provide a service for property owners to display their rental accommodation on this website. We have made every effort to ensure that all the information we provided on this website is correct. We cannot be held responsible for any other subsequent alterations made. It is the Advertisers responsibility to ensure that the information provided is accurate. Any Dispute regarding the Vacation Home must be dealt with the Homeowner or their Property Manager Directly.

3. The owners or agents will not be liable for loss or delay occasioned by strikes, riots, political unrest, hostilities, war, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, fire, flood, technical / weather, problems with transport, aircraft grounding, closure of airports. 

4. All homes listed on Mickey Homes are of the highest standard, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your vacation home then please make contact with the homeowner¦s property manager at your earliest convenience. If they do not satisfy then contact us at Mickey Homes and we will try to relocate you in to a similar home or better but this can not be guaranteed.  

5. All Vacation homes listed on Mickey Homes do have a local property management company and do reserve the right to change the home¦s fixtures, fittings and general decor as part of ongoing development and maintenance of the property. Mickey Homes will not be held responsible for any acts, omissions and changes beyond control of our principals (such as rental management companies and property owners) or of those for whom we act in the capacity of agents, over whom we have no control. 

6. In the unlikely event that due to circumstances beyond our control we need to make changes or cancel your booking, We will inform you as soon as possible. We reserve the right to cancel any bookings at any time and will only be held liable to refund monies already paid by you the client, excluding processing fee.

7. All the Vacation Homes listed on Mickey Homes are maintained by Local Management Companies, Mickey Homes Does Not accept any responsibility for the malfunction for any Electrical equipment, This includes such things as Pool Heating & Air-Conditioning / Cable TV / Telephone Services / Internet Services.

8. Guests using our homes are responsible for all damage and missing inventory items or loss occurring during their stay and the cost of repair / replacement - please note that guest liability in this respect is not limited to the security deposit amount. 

9. Please note that Florida is a tropical State, insects such as ants and the like are occasionally inevitable and are not cause for complaint. The villas are treated periodically as part of a pest and termite control program and are professionally cleaned. 

10. Mickey Homes / Villa Owners do not accept liability for any injury, Damage or Loss sustained by any Member of your party or by any persons entering the home during your rental period.

11. Web Site Accuracy: Please note, the information and prices shown on the Mickey Homes website may have changed by the time you come to book your stay. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the website and prices at the time of requesting the booking, regrettably errors do occasionally occur.

12. We reserve the right to change the reservation if circumstances beyond our control make that home no longer available for reasons such as House Sold / Damaged Home / Double Booked / Declined by Owner.

13. This Reservation becomes a binding agreement once you Submit or send Payment for your rental deposit. By sending a payment response to your booking a vacation home with Mickey Homes constitutes your acceptance and agreement to these terms, conditions, and restrictions as printed above.