" We stumbled across Jane and Alan by simply following one of her open house balloons during our holiday in June 09, and now today Oct 09 we are proud owners of a lovely new property. Jane ferried us around for 8 days showing us all types of homes and showed total commitment to helping us achieve our goal. We placed our trust in Jane and Alan and it certainly paid off, we cant express enough how helpful Jane has been throughout all the legalities, her dedication was not just to simply finding us a home but to also being there throughout the purchasing period. We highly recommend Jane and Alan to any perspective buyers especially those from the UK like ourselves who may not be in the know about the local regulations etc. We would be happy to provide a direct reference if you apply for our email address via Jane. Excellent Service" - Julie and Gary Wilson - Kent, UK

"Alan and Jane are the nicest, friendliest and most efficient realtors you would ever have the pleasure of dealing with. First, Alan helped us with buying a new house. We met him in an Open House and found that he was happy to show us anything he could. We liked him straight away and were very happy for him to help us. He made a lot of effort to get appointments to look at houses. We could tell straight away that he is very committed to his work and always had our best interests at heart. He was not desperately trying to sell us any house he could....he just wanted us to be happy with the house we finally chose. We found a house in about a week....went to see it a few times of course. Alan knew that we are from the UK so we didn't really know what we were doing, he guided us all the way so that we felt very comfortable. In total, finding and buying the house took about 3 weeks which is so quick to any buying/selling we have done in the UK - just amazing! Jane actually helped us in buying a business. As we are from the UK we wanted to buy a business out here, to allow us to stay in Florida permanently. She helped us pick out a business and recommended us to an immigration lawyer. She knows all about visas and the type of business that we needed. She was so helpful, we definitely couldn't have done it without her expertise. She is so knowledgeable, confident and highly skilled in everything she does! They are both now helping with selling one of our houses. They have put in the time to do a lot of open houses, so have really made an amazing effort for us. Makes us feel like number 1 on their list of priorities! We couldn't have asked for anyone better or recommend them highly enough! They do everything they can to make the often stressful time of buying/selling a very easy and enjoyable experience. We couldn't imagine going through any of these types of processes again without Alan or Jane involved........thank goodness for open houses! Your Friends, Carole and Lucy :)" - Carole and Lucy Clark England Now Living in America

"Alan and Jane - Words cannot express our gratitude to you for the professionalism, dedication and patience you showed when escorting us daily through many houses at a time when sales were so fast that contracts were being written as we viewed the houses. You persevered however until you found a house which fitted our requirements and where we managed to be first with an acceptable bid.Your diligence in advising us and leading us through the mysteries of home purchasing in Florida is to be commended and your continuing follow up assistance to us in Kent, England, is gratefully accepted and helps ease the concerns of remote property ownership. We wish you both every success in your realtor business and you are both definitely #1 on our Recommendation List." - Jan and Andy Austin England

"We would like to say a big thank you to Alan and Jane for their hard work in helping us to find and purchase a Holiday home in Orlando, the service they provided both prior to our visit to Florida and whilst there and since returning home has been and still is extremely professional, informative, loyal and honest. We would not hesitate to recommend them and their service to anyone, they are truely exceptional. Thanks again" - Bev and Julian Hands Birmingham England

"We would just like to say how wonderful Alan is and great service Alan and Jane provide, they made the whole buying experience so painless we highly recommend them. We had a few doubts before we meet them but they are such nice people we know we done the right thing even now 3 months on they are still helping us and keeping an eye on our property, thanks for all your help Alan and Jane" - Heather and Stuart Harris England



First Name: Yee & Joe
Last Name: Sergi From Virginia USA
The Community You Bought in: Windsor Palms Kissimmee
Who was your Agent?: Jane

My husband and I are huge Disney World fans.  We were married at the resort in 2000 and try to get to Orlando several times a year.  At some point we decided that it was time to buy a vacation home close to the theme parks. But, when we first started looking at purchasing a home in Florida, we had a problem: we had no time.  Between my job as a high level executive and my husband’s duel careers as a practicing litigator and award winning author, as well as raising our 9 year old daughter, we had almost no time to look.  Moreover, we didn’t live in Florida and between school events, client consultations, court appearances and book tours, our schedules were so hectic that we could not afford travel to Florida to look at the homes.  Perhaps our biggest disadvantage was a complete lack of knowledge of the Orlando housing area.  In short, we needed an expert.  Thankfully we found one.  Jane LaFrance and Mickey Homes provided everything we needed and more.  Since purchasing our house, Jane continues to run the property so that we can enjoy it without hassle.     


When my husband and I first started thinking about purchasing a home in the Disney area, we knew we needed a real estate agent to help us through this process especially since we don’t live in FL.  We searched online and identified a few agents through their websites that we were going to follow up with.  Jane was the first agent we called and she had us at “hello”.   We knew from that first call that she was the perfect person to help us in our search.  Not only was she knowledgeable about the area and was able to answer all of our questions (no matter how silly they might have been), but she had the voice of someone that you can trust.  Jane was able to accommodate our busy schedules and met with us during Christmas break to show us numerous resort communities and properties near Disney.  She picked us up at our hotel and drove us all around so that we could compare the various communities and decide between a townhome or a condo.  This not only helped us narrow down our search to either Windsor Hills or Windsor Palms, but Jane’s efficient presentation and accommodating schedule allowed us to attend the Parks during the trip.  Since we weren’t able to make another trip back to the Disney area for at least another 6 months, Jane basically worked with us remotely to help us find the right property.  Her website provided listings to all properties for sale in the community we were interested in.  She had no qualms about touring a property for us and taking pictures/videos since we couldn’t see the property in person.  Through our 2 days together in Dec, Jane was able to understand us and what we would like and didn’t like.  We trusted her opinion implicitly. When we finally found the right home, Jane worked with us and our attorney to ensure the contract and closing process went smoothly and she addressed questions/concerns (e.g., obtaining home insurance, setting up utilities, etc.) that our attorney should have done but didn’t.  I truly believe that we couldn’t have completed this transaction as smoothly and as painlessly without Jane. 


Once we closed on the house, we continued to bombard Jane with questions and information.  She helped connect us to the HOA, provided service contractor recommendations and talked to us about her caretaker service since this was a vacation home and we were not planning to rent it out anytime soon.  We hired Jane to watch over the property and we cannot say enough great things about this.  Jane recommended to us a pool contractor, pest maintenance, cleaners, painters and an everyday handyman for work needed done to the home.  They have all been wonderful, are reasonably priced and have done a great job.  She picked up our cable boxes for us since she knew we were visiting to see the property for the first time.  She made herself available to let the contractors in to perform their work (including when I had new carpets installed while I was out of town).  She knew that we wanted to steam clean the tiles and she bought over her own steamer to see if that would do the job or if we needed to hire a professional cleaner.  Jane is self-less in her quest to provide the best service possible. 

Joe & Yee Sergi

First Name: Jerry
Last Name: Leco From Pittsburg
The Community You Bought in: Indian Creek Kissimmee
Who was your Agent?: Jane


“I am a real estate investor in Pennsylvania.  I have high standards and expectations from realtors I work with.  When I wanted to buy a vacation property near Disney World, I needed to find a good agent in the area who knew the area.  An associate of mine recommended an agent who quickly disappointed me.  My wife found Jane's website Mickeyhomes.com while looking for a place to stay while shopping for a house of our own.  I liked the information I saw on Jane's website and decided to give her a call.  It was the best thing we did in our search for an Orlando home!  Jane has all the qualities I require in an agent and has exceeded all expectations.  She is knowledgeable about the neighborhoods and property types she deals with, as well as the buying process.  Jane visited many of the homes we were interested in several times after we were back home.  We never felt unsure of Jane's knowledge or advice.  She is responsive with communication.  If Jane was not able to answer her cell phone, she would immediately send a text message telling us when she would call back.  Jane is willing to give her very knowledgeable opinion and valuable advice, but she is respectful to do so only when they are asked for.  Jane not only provided is superb service through the search and buying phase, but she continued her invaluable help after we completed the buy.  Jane has introduced me to several property managers to consider as alternatives.  She has also introduced me to many vendors of home care services, most of which she herself uses, and I now use!  Jane has given me advice on decorating, marketing and renting my house.  She has gone to my house for personal favors many times since the purchase and has graciously let me send things to her to take to my house.  Jane has gone above and beyond all expectations I had for this home purchase, and I honestly hate to think what the experience would have been like if I had not found her.  I feel like Jane has become a friend through this process, and I only hope she considers me the same.”

First Name: Jerry
Last Name: Dickinson
The Community You Sold in: Casselberry, Florida
Who was your Agent?: Jane
Your Experience: We count our blessings that Jane was our agent. SHE WAS EXCEPTIONAL! With her professionalism, knowledge, and hard work, she sold our home in 3-4 days. Others in our neighborhood had been on the market for months. Jane was always " on top of every situation" in the selling process. She was available to answer our questions and address our concerns. Both she and Alan were so kind to us. Jane was absolutely the best agent we have ever had! We are so thankful for her!

First Name Michelle

Last Name: Donegan from New York 
The Community You Bought in: Windsor Palms Resort 
Who was your Agent?: Jane

My husband and I were looking for a rental property to purchase in the WDW area. We were put in touch with Jane when Alan was unavailable to show us around during one of our stays at WDW. From our first meeting, we knew Jane was the right real estate professional for us. She kept in constant contact with us from long distance and kept us informed of new listings as they came up. I don't think her office hours are ever closed because day or night she was always available to answers questions by phone, text or email. Jane made sure when it came time to close on the house that she made sure everyone else was doing their jobs to make sure our closing went as smooth as possible. Job well done! We look forward to working with her again in the future if we are ever in the market for another property. As great as I heard Alan is, I think we ended up with the better agent!

  Jane LaFrance -she is a friend. Period.

Not the usual pushy realtor to get a sale done. Respects our needs and zeroes in on the right property. Patient she is and very accommodating. Super knowledgeable. I was apprehensive buying out of state. She made my life easy. Went beyond her call to help with mortgage and provided all guidance. I will be with her for the rest of my needs in FL. Jane find my remote beach home or land..........for the retirement project.....

Ryan and Priya  

"Jane is the best realtor! She has made our home buying experience effortless and personal. She made herself available to us 24/7. Since we are out of the state, we needed to fly in to see various homes. Jane made sure that she was free to show that home and several others. She wanted us to be happy with our decision and she made sure that we were well educated on the other homes in the area. Our closing went as smooth as possible (all due to Jane!!) There were many "hiccups" that were unfamiliar to us but Jane was able "take care of it" for us. Not only is Jane the best on the home sale itself.....but she has provided us with photographers, property managers, handy man, and even furnishing stores! She continues to contact us after the sell to make sure that everything is okay and is soooo helpful and follows through with everything she says she will do. I have bought and sold over 5 homes in the past 4 years and Jane is by far the best!!! I highly recommend her for you next home purchase!!" - Katy and Jeff Whidden - Missouri, USA -

"I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jane LaFrance as a realtor.  She worked with our schedule and showed us quite a few homes. We did not end up buying any of those homes, but she kept up with new listed and she found the home that we wanted. We bought the house site unseen, because we knew that she understood what we were looking for. She stayed with us during and after the paperwork, even dealing with a seller from another country. Jane is the BEST!!" - John and Jackie Kaufman - South Dakota, USA

"We contacted Jane LaFrance after utilizing her "MickeyHomes.com" website to rent homes in Kissimmee in 2010 & 2012. We are from Canada and are Owner Operators of 3 McDonalds restaurants in Vegreville, Wainwright & St Paul McDonalds Alberta. Both my Wife and I were a little uneasy as to the process of buying a foreign home. Jane was very approachable and has an outstanding professional outlook on home purchasing and selling. She was able to answer any questions we had and her knowledge of the different areas was impressive. Her ability to make time and work around our schedule was very much appreciated, as our time was limited in Orlando due to the busy nature of our business. When you need a realtor you can trust and depend upon Jane is it. We not only look on her as a business professional but as a friend as well. I would recommend Jane to anyone interested in Purchasing or selling a house in the Florida markets she operates in. Thanks again Jane and look forward to seeing you again soon." - James and Tamara Richer - Alberta, Canada -

"Buying a home can be a stressful, daunting experience. Buying a vacation home 2500 miles from where you live is just that much scarier. Thanks to Jane LaFrance of MickeyHomes.com, the process was smooth, and much less stressful than I imagined. Jane was with us every step of the way, from the beginning of the process to well past closing, she was attentive, helpful, understanding, and constantly went above and beyond what most realtors even think about. I seriously doubt if I could have handled this process without her. I can’t recommend Jane enough if you’re searching for a home in Orlando near Disney, or anywhere else MickeyHomes.com serves. With Jane, you get so much more than a real estate agent!" - Kevin and Michelle Davis - Montana, USA -

"I met Jane through her website.  She was very prompt with her response to me and was very willing to assist me in viewing homes on short notice.  She’s also taken her own time to go and look at properties for us and gives a thorough and honest review of the places.  She has incredible patience and is always willing to go the extra mile.  We could not have purchased our new vacation rental home without the professionalism and expertise of someone like her." - Keith Huntzinger - West Virginia, USA -

"Jane gave us tremendous assistance in all aspects of purchasing a vacation rental home from a distance. From walking through properties and sending us the photos by email, to guiding us through the negotiation process, to managing the sale paperwork, to calming our buyer- nerves, to recommending a fantastic painter to help us update the new home-- Jane did it all! She was tremendously accessible by phone, text, and email-- we often wondered how she ever gets any time off! We are very glad to have had Jane as our realtor and delighted to highly recommend her to others." - Ellen Ives - Michigan, USA -

"We first met Jane when we were viewing a house that was for sale and she was the agent. Although that house did not quite meet our needs we were very impressed with Jane's professionalism and warmth. We felt very comfortable with her immediately. When we had to leave Florida for our return trip to Minnesota we asked Jane if she would help us find a vacation home. She agreed and it was one of the best decisions that we have ever made. She has been fantastic and knows the real estate world very well. We have just closed on a home in Florida and are very excited and pleased and could not have done this with out the guidance and help from Jane. We have decided that since we will not be at this home full-time that we would also like to use it as a rental. We are only doing this because of the confidence and trust that we have in Jane. Thank you so much. We would recommend Jane to anyone who wants to know what professionalism and integrity is in an agent." - Rich and Glenys Lorenz - Minnesota, USA -

"After carefully looking over Jane LaFrance's website and going through her testimonial page I knew she was the right choice. I knew I was waiting for the right deal and as soon as a property would come on the market, Jane would go over to take pictures and walk through the property as if I was there myself. After having her go walk through about 20 properties finally the right one came along and I bought it sight unseen. I never saw the property personally until I arrived after closing and it is even better than I had imagined after seeing all the pictures. It is going to be a great rental and will be on her site mid May available for rental. Jane is someone who cares about her clients and puts their needs first. I highly recommend her as an agent. She is extremely knowledgeable of rental homes near Disney. With many thanks, Judy Donato." - Judy Donato - West Virginia, USA -

"Jane LaFrance is fantastic ! My wife Lucy and I own many investment properties in various locations around the world, and we spend quite alot of time in one of our homes in Cape Coral on Florida's gulf coast. Recently we decided to target the Disney area of Orlando for some short term rental properties, and I was very lucky to stumble across Jane's name on a Google search. I contacted several other agents and not only was Jane's reply the quickest, she was the most knowledgeable and friendly of the bunch, so we made an arrangement for a meeting. The rest, as they say, is history ! To date we have viewed STACKS of properties (probably around 60 in total !) and we have bought 2 in Kissimmee with Jane's wonderful help. She knows the whole area so well, knows all her fellow agents and knows where the best investments are, I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone. She has a terrific sense of humor and our days spent with her were great fun whilst being very productive. Since buying the properties Jane has helped greatly with finding a good Management Company, helped with the utilities, helped with finding the right stores etc etc. We intend to purchase further properties in the area and we wouldn't dream of getting anyone else but Jane. Thank you so much Jane, Lucy & I really value your help & our new found friendship." - Jim and Lucy Mercer - Ireland / China -

"I am new to vacation renting business. When I started looking for a home, after talking to several realtors I met with Jane. I was very impressed with Jane as she made me comfortable, provided all details, not pressuring me and only looking out for my best. She was very patient, showed me many homes at short notice and promptly responded to all my calls/emails. She understood my expectations and was so trustworthy that we signed up & closed the house without even looking at it in-person. Jane took care of everything with utmost perfection. Even after closing, she continues to help out with my business and taking care of my house renovation without any expectation from me. She is a very good person with high degree of professionalism and work ethics. I highly recommend her." - Nandini and Pugal - Michigan, USA -

"I am delighted to recommend Jane to anyone seeking a Florida property. We have found her level of expertise and knowledge second to none. During the whole buying process she ensured that we were comfortable with all the decisions we made and that we felt under no pressure at all. In fact nothing was too much trouble for her. Buying can certainly be a stressful process, but not with Jane, she made the whole thing so easy, within two weeks we were the proud owners of our house and even had plenty of time for a holiday and it doesn't end there, with all her know how she has all the contacts you need to ensure the property is well looked after. If you're looking for five star service you certainly get it here.  We certainly wouldn't consider anyone else in the future. Thank's again Jane for everything." - Barry Smith - Shropshire, UK

" Thankfully, the original realtor that we contacted was of little use, and we found Jane through this website. Jane responded with speed and we knew that we had found the right person to help us buy our Florida home. We flew over on the Friday, met Jane on the Saturday and she had listed 12 properties for us to see. She escorted us to all 12 within 4 hours, Debbie picked the house she wanted, we made our bid on the Saturday, and bought it on the Monday!!!  How good is that??  Do not go anywhere else to buy your Florida home....contact Jane LaFrance, she will find you the house you want. We have no problem anyone contacting us for a personal reference.  Thanks Again Jane......" - Dean, Debbie and the boys - Aberdeen, Scotland -

" We are so fortunate to have found Jane as our Real Estate agent! Brad and I struggled with two other realtors before we found someone motivated, knowledgeable and professional- Jane LaFrance. Jane was prompt in returning all our phone calls and e-mails.  She provided up to date information on the market and went above and beyond to ensure we had a full understanding of the real estate market in Kissimmee. Being from Canada, the prospect of purchasing a home in Florida was daunting. Jane helped us narrow down our search from home by providing us with many professional photos of the interiors of the homes that we had some interest in. When we arrived in Florida she dedicated her time to us and took us to see many homes to assist us in finding the perfect home. Following the purchase of our home Jane continued to assist us. She helped us set up our utilities, change the locks, and even provided us with the names of many great contacts that will prove helpful as we move forward with the rental of our home. Thank you Jane and we would definitely be referring you to anyone here in Canada thinking about buying in Florida!" - Michelle Shipley and Bradley Hodge - Canada -

"This letter is referring Jane LaFrance to Fiona & Gordon Dawson: Dear Mr Dawson, I haven't heard anything from you over the weekend so guess that you will be happy with just an email response. My wife and I have just returned from Florida (14 May) having managed to find, view, select and close on a suitable purchase in just 6 working days!! So as you will no doubt note for yourself, purchasing property in the US is not for the faint hearted! On the Monday following our arrival in Orlando Jane came to our hotel armed with a viewing itinerary, which we got stuck into straight away. From the word go Jane was fantastic, she transported us from property to property, was available to deal with any questions or queries, whilst at the same time managing to strike the right balance between a facilitator and guardian angel. A bit whimsical on my part I admit, but in truth she was never pushy, rather she allowed us to arrive at a decision in our own time without allowing us to feel under any pressure at all. Once we felt that we had identified the property we wanted to make an offer on, she handled the negotiations (under our direction) and eventually we were successful in having a very reasonable offer accepted on our chosen house. From that point she really moved into top gear. She introduced us to representatives of two separate management companies, we eventually selected Paradise Vacation as their rep., a guy called Wayne Carter, impressed us with his local knowledge regarding short term letting in the Orlando area, and his insistence that Paradise Vacations are ultimately working for you, the home owner, rather than for the holiday let client. We had a meeting with Wayne at our new property, so he was able to make an accurate assessment of that specific property insofar as its letting potential, start up costs etc. etc. Again very comforting as you gain the impression that you are entering into a deal which is demonstrably tailor-made for your and your property. Jane also provided an introduction to Susan Harding of Harding & Associates, a local Florida accountancy firm and tax service provider. In my opinion this contact is of prime importance because if the US property purchasing process seems easy, the US taxation and accountancy process seems anything but!! It appears that any new landlord must gather together all the pre-required documentation and certificates relating both to the business premises and personally before any short term lets can be placed. Therefore the choice of a suitable accountancy firm is critical. Once again I am very impressed with Jane's recommendation. Susan Harding is an ex-pat Brit. and so is fully aware of the subtle cultural differences between the average UK and US citizen. It is that old adage, two cultures separated by a common language. Rest assured Susan Harding will look after you very well. Finally Jane took us along to a local branch of the Mercantile Bank, with offices just off the west bound Route 192 in Kissimmee. Again she had prepared the ground for us. She delivered us to the bank premises where we were expected, and it only took a matter of minutes (and $50 cash) to open our new US checking account. Very efficient indeed. Of course the bank and many of the other agencies mentioned here do require proof of ID etc. so don't forget to take along your passport, driving licence etc. when you attend the various meetings. We have already received our first bank statement back here in the UK from Mercantile, how's that for customer care? In addition to the above Jane also introduced us to an Insurance Broker, Mariel Ventura of Torres Roman Insurance Group. Insurance is a major requirement to cover possible loss of property in your home whilst it is being let, and also for personal liability cover. You must be aware just how litigious a society the Americans can be, so the appropriate insurance cover is really necessary. Finally Jane accompanied my wife and I to the Sunbelt Title Agency in Winter Springs, just north of Orlando to close the purchase deal on our last full day in Florida. This felt like six weeks, but in reality it was only six days. Yes six days from the initial viewing itinerary to closing on the deal!! Phew what a ride !! You mentioned a mortgage broker in your email. I cannot help you there I am afraid as we were in the fortunate position of not requiring a mortgage, but if the broker in question lives up to the rest of Jane's contacts then I would bet money on them being kosher !!!" - Mr and Mrs Price-Jones - Wales UK

"We doubt if anyone knows the property market like Jane. After a few meetings she knew exactly what we wanted, found a house over our budget and negotiated it down to our price. She really impressed us when she quizzed our mortgage broker to ensure they were on the ball. She organised everything and more and has held our hand throughout the process. Without Jane, we would not have a villa let alone such a lovely villa! Jane is the ultimate professional and a really nice person we like to call a friend." - Fiona and Gordon Dawson

"From the first minute we met Jane we were confident that she had our best interests at heart. She allowed us to make up our own mind about houses we viewed, quietly pointing us in the right direction when we were about to make a mistake. When it came to us seeing the right house that day and we didn't want to make the leap she very nicely allowed us to back off and think about it. After a few weeks and a lot of her patience we made our minds up and Jane negotiated a nice reduction on the price. All through what seemed to be a long process, (not her fault but our mortgage guy) she kept us going. We would recommend Jane and her team without hesitation." - Carol and Joe Holden

"I know we have thanked you for selling our home, which you got a buyer for us very quick and at a good price, but I want to again thank you Jane, it must have been fate the day we met you. You made the buying and selling so easy for us, we will always recommend you to anyone thinking of buying in Florida, you are the best." - Eric and Sue

"My good friend Jesus Sanchez and I came accross a residential property in Kissimmee through a third person, but Jane was the listing agent. The property is a lovely home, just perfectly located within minutes of Disney World. To my delight, since both of us live in Miami and Boynton Beach, respectively, Jane LaFrance was most definitely an essential element in making this transaction go nice and smooth. Well, it worked! Jane took care of everything that needed to be handled, even showing us the property separately based on our convenience. We closed on the property within the prescribed timeframe, without any hurdles. Without a doubt, had it not been for Jane, this transaction would have run into problems. Jane even assisted Jesus and I in doing the closing in the mail, as Jesus and I both work late and hard. Thanks very much, Jane, and Alan. Lourdes Rodriguez, Miami, Florida." - Lourdes Rodriguez

"Dear Jane, I know we have already thanked you for selling our home and wanted to thank you again. We appreciate you always working around our schedules and assisting and informing us when offers were made on our home. It feels great to have gotten full price and to have you help us find our new home which we love by the way. We knew when Karen and Mike recommended you after selling their home and finding them a new home that you were someone we wanted to work with. You have met and exceeded our expectation so thank you so much." - Terri and Joe Carter



First Name: Kelly Last Name: K        May 2021

The Community You Bought or Sold in: Windsor Hills Resort:

Who was your Agent?: Alan

Your Experience:

Thank you Alan for all of your help through the home buying process. This was our first time buying property near Disney and your experience made it so easy. I really appreciate that you were so responsive even off hours and really knew the area to make decisions easy for us. Even for out of state buyers, the process was seamless and we trusted your advice. Thanks for helping us find our perfect Disney rental!

We used Alan to purchased our home and he was outstanding. Before choosing a real estate agent, Jay and I conducted a lot of research to see who would be the best choice based on the investment they make into selling the property (time and effort, not necessarily financially) and how they promote their listings. Alan stood out as the best the Orlando area has to offer: his website is excellent with lots of helpful advice and very easy to navigate, his social media presence was strong, and we could tell puts a lot of personal dedication and attention to detail to his work.  We spoke with Alan several times from Los Angeles and then met with him on our trip to Orlando to purchase a home/investment property.  He spent hours answering our questions, providing objective data regarding the many homes listed and he sells, how long his listings typically stay on the market, and providing tons of info on comps in the area. We were concerned that our trip to Orlando would be in vain and we would not find a home to purchase however Alan made the process incredibly easy and took extra steps many other Realtors don't (but should). Alan’s hard work and knowledge of what it takes to purchase a home really paid off – we found our home the first day with Alan and strategically placed an offer ahead of the competition and prevented a bidding war.   Our house went under contract 2 days after we put in the offer.   Alan was incredibly friendly and helpful and walked us through every step of the closing process. It couldn't have been a more pleasant experience. I've recommended Alan to everyone I know. He's a true professional and a genuinely nice guy. I realize it won't always be this easy to purchase and sell your home, but I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a better Realtor.

Jay and Ken    Closed April 2021   Emerald Island Resort

We have purchased a few homes in Orlando over the years and having Alan as our Realtor made the process so much easier and enjoyable every time. It was such a great experience that our friends bought a home next one of ours.My husband found him a few years back via the Internet searching for pool homes near Disney. We went with Alan because of his quick response, but we love working with him because of his professionalism, knowledge, helpfulness, friendliness, honesty, and his availability; he usually answered our emails quickly every time my (and my husband emailed him a lot!) The first time we used Alan was for a 3 bedroom condo purchase in Windsor Palms Resort.  He was and is very good at explaining how the vacation rental process worked when we bought the condo, so good we just closed on our 4th home ( a  6 bedroom )  with Alan in Windsor Palms we're sure it will do as well as our other 3 have been doing.  We have both highly recommended Alan to people whenever we have heard that someone is purchasing a home near Disney for vacation rental purposes. We've even suggested to people to give him a call even if they are already working with someone esle, because we're confident they'll get  better service with Alan as he is so detailed, and they'll have a better, more knowledgable experience going through him. If we buy a 5th home without a doubt Alan is our Realtor.

Sorry it took our 4th home to write this, thank you Alan    Susan


Windsor Palms Resort: Closed September 2018

Alan is a consummate professional. He is quick and eager to help. I highly recommend him. He would be my first call if I decide to buy another investment property. I asked him for a very specific type of home, the pool needed to be South Facing because we are sun deprived living in Maine, the home had to be in a gated community with no homes behind it and he made it happen in Formosa Gardens. When we come down in January 6 months from now it will be the 1st time we will get to stay in our new 2nd home.

Thanks for putting our house on your rental site as well, you are the man, thanks Alan

Bob and Terri from Bangor ME


Formosa Gardens : Closed Aug 2018


We can’t say enough good things about our experience with Alan and his wife Jane. From the beginning Alan carefully explained us how vacation rental homes work, what to expect and guided us in order to make the best possible choices. Alan made the experience pleasant, easy, and gratifying. He is an outstanding Realtor and we were impressed by 'how on top of it' he was. From start to finish he exceeded our expectations, and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house near Disney. He went out of his way and made our experience comfortable and easier than we could have imagined. He did all the leg work, so it was stress-free for us. Overall, I would 100% do business with  Mickey Homes again, and highly recommend Alan.... Big Thumbs Up! Thanks Alan, we now have a place near Disney we will use a lot!!! Robert & Jennifer L...


Rolling Hills:  Closed Aug 2018

Alan was extremely helpful with answer to questions while walking me through the entire home buying process. He always made sure I had all my documents together, prompted me through every step and always ahead of the next step. He was very thorough and because of his work up front we were able to close on time. Alan is straight forward, no fluff and a true person. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home in Kissimmee.


Emerald Island Resort  Closed June 2018


Jason and Kim

I've bought and sold multiple homes throughout the years and have never met someone like Alan. He's incredibly thorough and knows all the nuts and bolts of vacation rental homes, how it works, why one neighborhood rents better to vacationers than other ones, what to do to increase my ROI as well as who to interview for property managers and contractors. He has a way of making you feel at ease throughout the home buying process and in spite, of it being such an intimidating process from far away, he handled it with such ease. I hope to buy more homes near Disney if this one works out and I will only work with Alan, he's our guy for all my Orlando real estate needs!"


Windsor at West Resort : Closed April 2018


Randy Santiago

We recently closed on our 2nd home, a 5 bedroom 4 bathroom pool home in Calabay Parc in Davenport FL, not far from Disney World. Alan LaFrance was recommended to us by a family we met on a cruise, and he certainly lived up to his reputation, the process was smooth and there were no hiccups. We closed nine days early, Alan helped us set up our utilities, interview property managers, he set up a photogragher for pictures to be taken for vacation rental purposes and he got us our 1st booking through his and his wife's rental company.

You're the best.

Closed April 2018


Daniel & Tory

Alan LaFrance is the Best Realtor I ever worked with; from the moment I spoke with him I felt a sense of trust, he was friendly, knowledgeable and completely honest about what to expect through the entire process. I was nervous about working with someone I did not know in an area I'm not familiar with based on my past experiences locally, but Alan was honest and patient with me from the beginning, and made me feel comfortable about asking questions about the entire process, even if I asked more than once. Once we found the home of our dreams and our offer was accepted he kept the process moving along smoothly completed in the timeframe promised. He explained everything thoroughly and always called me back promptly.
Best customer service we've
ever experienced, Alan made buying a 2nd home thousand miles away worry free as he walked us through every step of the process; all details of the transaction, what we needed to do next , he made us feel like his truly valued customers

We will recommend him to every person we know thinking about buying a 2nd home in Orlando.

Thank you Alan, we can't wait until our next trip.

Windsor Hills Resort:  Closed March 2018


Laura & Ben 

Alan you were great.

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with the impeccable service I received from Alan LaFrance.  His efficiency on time spent to ensure a seamless process was amazing from beginning to end. He had attention to detail, follow up and desire to go above and beyond making him the best broker I have ever met. My daughter and I will be forever grateful to him for helping find the perfect home just outside Walt Disney's Gates. Thank you Alan!

Closed Feb 2018   Indian Creek


Melodye & John  

Alan found us the perfect home when 2 other agents we conversed with over a year couldn't because they didn't listen!! I would highly recommend Alan. He is very knowledgeable, personable and helpful from begining to end.


Closed January 2018


Dennis & Margie

To Alan

My husband and I purchased our home in January in Emerald Island next to Disney. Alan made the buying process feel simple for us and we were both extremely impressed by his knowledge. He got
us a great home after searching many resorts and I feel like he was always on top of things. No long waits. No headaches. He always answered our calls. He even went above and beyond to help us get a great rate on our homeowner's
insurance. If you are looking for someone to help you find the perfect 2nd home, I recommend Alan to be your first and last stop.


Thank you Alan and will see you next trip.



-Kaily  Jan 2018

Hi Alan,


What a lovely thought, the e-card is lovely, thank you!


Is that Brendan and I on our cruise with the Queen? 


So thoughtful of you and we are very grateful to you for your time, professionalism, patience and at times dogged determination with our delightful sellers to help make this happen. 


You made this process a lot easier than we anticipated and for two normally very cautious individuals to have purchased an unseen property with such confidence, is testament to the complete trust that we developed in you, knowing that you would do a superb job! 


It's a little uncanny, but I'm just finishing a run of producing/directing The Lion King JR Production with over 300 children aged 4-11, who perform alongside school staff. When I found out the villa was called Hakuna Matata, I thought it was great! It's the children's favourite number and now mine too! My staff and I went to the see the West End Production and they bought me a plaque with Hakuna Matata on it. I'm not normally superstitious, but do believe in fate and think this was meant to be! 


We cannot wait to see our new US base, thank you again! 


Kind regards,

Donna​ in Jersey   Channel Islands


  Pam & Darrell Rixon


City and Country You Live in.:

  Paradise Canada


Community You Bought in?:

  Indian Creek


  Myself and my husband as first time buyers to the US, can't thank Alan from Mickey Homes for his help in this process. he was so very patient and went beyond expected in helping us find and setup a wonderful vacation home. He was there to guide us through the buying process as we were very uneducated to the US real estate area, it was our first purchase, and then he also helped us connect with the proper people that we needed to deal with such as pool and lawn maintenance etc. Alan made the buying process a breeze. Thanks again for your continual service to us.

First Name: James
Last Name: Shepherd
The Community You Sold in: Providence
Who was your Agent?: Alan
Your Experience: I have had a four year association with Alan LaFrance, while he managed my property in Providence, and recently he took over the sale of my property. The sale had been stagnating for over twelve months and Alan sold it within six weeks of his appointment. There was no fuss, just good down to earth advice and a very satisfactory conclusion. I cannot recommend Alan too highly and would use his expertise every time to either buy or sell my property. James and Julie Shepherd - Cheshire, UK June 2015


First Name: Ben
Last Name: Kpogho From London England
The Community You Bought 2 in: Providence
Who was your Agent?: Alan
Your Experience: Alan understands our requirements and was prompt at dealing with issues arising in the course of our purchase and chased up matters in a professional and efficient manner. I would highly recommend him as an agent.


First Name: EJ
Last Name: Povinelli From NYC
The Community You Bought in: Windsor Palms
Who was your Agent?: Alan
Your Experience: Our expierience with Mickey Homes was outstanding. Alan and Jane were both terrific. Alan helped educate my wife and I about the Kissimee area and the developments around Disney. He helped us choose a wonderful property in Windsor Palms and got us a great deal. Our closing process took close to a year. Alan never gave up and was instrumental in helping us close the deal. His opion and ideas have always led us in the right direction. And we consider Alan a good friend.

A google search for "real estate agent near Disney World" directed  me to www.mickeyhomesflorida.com.  I placed a call and immediately was speaking to Alan LaFrance.  I was looking for a vacation home with short term rental potential and I had no idea what I was getting into.  Alan took the time to explain everything to me and was brutally honest but also quiet and not pushy at all.  My wife and I took a trip to Kissimmee and spent a day with Alan looking at numerous properties.  We really liked the first one he showed us but returned home (1000 miles away) to "think about it".   Six weeks passed before we decided to make an offer.  Alan was extremely helpful throughout the process.  We were pushing to get to settlement quickly because we had a trip scheduled and wanted to be able to stay in the house.  Alan made it happen.  We flew into Orlando and Alan met us at the house with the door open and the lights on!  After the sale, Alan continues to be a huge help always ready to answer one of my numerous questions.  Alan is a true professional that will help you find the right home especially if you are looking near Disney.  I highly recommend him.  Give him a call.

Thank you Alan,

Phil & Debbie Ceresini

Wilmington, DE

 Name: John Stacey From Toronto Canada 
The Community You Bought in: Davenport Lakes 
Who was your Agent?: Alan

I met Alan LaFrance by accident while he was checking a house across the street. He showed me through. I noticed how quiet he was in contrast to other agents. Not desperately and endlessly talking or high-pressuring me.  In fact, Al hardly spoke at all, unless answering a question. To which I would always get a good and informed answer. I later purchased that house through Al. And later sold by own home through Al. He handled the conveyancing details flawlessly. All my future real estate transactions will be with assistance of Al. Also (provided Al has not rubbed her fur the wrong way that day:) I get to enjoy the added benefit of assistance of Al's wife Jane, a very competant estate agent in her own right. Thus I get the services of a skilled team. Though I am constantly flooded with unsolicited service offers of many local estate agents, I can safely ignore them all, knowing that I am in good hands with Al and Jane.

First Name: Tony
Last Name: S   From Mid-West USA
The Community You Bought in: Sunset Lakes
Who was your Agent?: Alan
Your Experience: Alan helped us find our wonderful vacation home in Kissimmee last year. We live in the Midwest and Alan was so helpful sharing potential homes to see, and setting up the appointments within our tight schedule as we flew back into Orlando. Alan was so easy to work with, the process of purchasing a home from another state went smoothly with his expertise. I highly recommend Alan, he is a great realtor. Tony S 

First Name: Jan & Lee 
Last Name: Hingley from England 
The Community You Bought in: Legacy Park 
Who was your Agent?: Alan


We first contacted Alan back in 2013 when he helped us purchase our first Florida home. Since then we have kept in touch and are now looking to purchase a second property. Alan is a wonderful realtor and has all the contacts needed to make your dream of a Florida home a reality. He is very knowledgeable friendly and his service is simply the best.

If you are looking to purchase in the Disney area, we GAURANTEE you won’t find a better agent to represent you. Thanks Alan

First Name: Nancy
Last Name: Nickels from New Jersey
The Community You Bought and Sold in: Emerald Island Resort

Bought and still own in Windsor Hills
Who was your Agent?: Alan
Your Experience: I am very happy with Alan and Jane. I purchased two homes and sold one home through Mickey Homes. Alan has been there to assist me every step of the way. He is very accommodating and is always available to lend a helping hand. I would definitely recommend and have recommended them to anyone. Thank you again Alan and Jane for all you have done.

First Name: Pedro
Last Name: Carvalho
The Community You Bought in: Formosa Gadens
Who was your Agent?: Alan
Your Experience: We can say in few words and from the bottom of our hearts that Alan LaFrance is our "professional guardian angel" because he resolves all kind of matter that concern when you are buying a house. And it is not only a house, it is your future home: the place you are having the most high expectation in being happy with your family. Everybody must know Alan and Jane, for us the most qualified realtors in Florida. Pedro and Marisa Carvalho - Sao Paulo - Brazil - 

  Alan is truly the BEST realtor that you can  find! We have both purchased and sold with Alan as our realtor. Alan always kept us up-to-date on all details and is always available to answer questions. In our absence, Alan coordinated staging, listing, selling, AND PACKING AND STORING of our belongings for the sale of our property. Unbelievable, but he did! There isn't anyone else with that level of commitment to their clients! The real estate terms can be quite different, yet Alan always finds the best people for the task. He put us in touch with top notch accountants that specialize in Canadians who need to file for IRS, as well as Title holder for the legal portion. Alan is truly amazing in all real estate transactions. He is positive, calm, knowledgeable and delivers on his word! We can't say thank you enough!! Imagine being able to hand over  all of the details in your absence and for you to have 110% comfort and confidence in doing that? We did! With 110% satisfaction!

Nancy and Jarett McInenly Alberta Canada

"We could not praise Alan's expertise and professionalism more highly ...... Although living in the UK, we decided that Kissimmee was where we would like to spend our retirement. We made the boldest decision of our marriage to date and proceeded to find a property and Alan via the internet. We knew nothing of the process, the legislation, the property or even Alan.  However, he was amazing.... and once we introduced ourselves via the telephone and email he guided and helped us to understand the formal documentation and complete our purchase. All was completed in six weeks.  A month after taking ownership, we flew to meet Alan and see our newly purchased home for the first time.... both were absolutely perfect and we could not be more delighted. As we endeavour to put our own style on the property, Alan continues to be invaluable, with his local knowledge of services and tradesmen. Our modus operandi on this occasion may have seemed a tad unorthodox, but anyone who has been fortunate to have dealt with or met Alan and Jane, knows they have found an exceptional professional couple." - Michael and Elaine Proud - UK -

"My wife and I were introduced to Alan LaFrance after they worked with him on a house purchase. Although we never met Alan until after we bought our vacation home, we were extremely please with his knowledge, speedy communication, and expertise in the Florida vacation home market. He went to innumerable homes, and took pictures and measurements for us-- he was our eyes and ears in Florida. While we knew the area, this was the second time we bought a home in the US, sight unseen--we were not disappointed with the result. Thanks Alan for all your care, help and expertise. We would highly recommend Alan for those looking in the Greater Orlando area for a home. Many thanks!" - Stephen and Lisa Miller - Nova Scotia, Canada -

"We were referred to Alan by one of our friends who used Alan to purchase a vacation home. We talked to Alan and told him EXACTLY what we wanted. We flew down on a Friday and met Alan on a Saturday and spent the entire day looking at furnished townhomes. We found one Saturday, wrote a contract on Sunday and flew home Sunday night! We were able to close 30 days later. We now have a great Vacation home right outside of Disney. Alan was great to work with when we were looking for our home and he checks in on the house weekly for us since we live so far away. He has been fabulous to work with and the service is second to none!" - Frank and Christina Minkewicz - Virginia Beach, VA -

"I would like to thank Alan and his team for dealing with the quick smooth sale of our home in Emerald Island Kissimmee Florida. It was a pleasure in dealing with Alan who held our hand all the way. We have bought and sold many homes over the last few years in Kissimmee FL. and i can truly say that this time was the easiest. He dealt with every issue quickly and constantly informed us of the progress. We would defenatley use Alan and Mickey Homes again" - Mark Gardner - Sheffield, UK -

"Alan came highly recommended to me by a friend who has purchased several homes in Orlando through Alan. She spoke so highly of Alan I did not hesitate in contacting him.  Well from the beginning he was great to work with. Since 2009 I have purchased a condo and a home in Orlando, Allan has been there every step of the way going above and beyond to assist me in purchasing my property. Alan is professional, friendly, supportive, and accommodating he was and is always there to answer any questions I may have. I have and will continue to recommend Alan to anyone who is looking to buy a home in Florida. I feel he is one of the best in his field of work. Thanks again Alan." - Sheila Miller - St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

"Alan was referred by friends in Halifax who worked with them to purchase a property in Orlando. We had a great experience and would certainly recommend him to others. He is organized, responsive and intuitive - all of the traits you need in a great agent!" - Phil and Heather Otto - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

"We have never owned a vacation home, let alone a rental property out of state. At the recommendation of a co-worker, who worked with Alan a couple of years ago to acquire a home, I called Alan. Alan spent an entire day with us on our vacation in April showing us different communities and different house styles and decorating styles within those areas.  He answered no less than 1,000 different emails from us as we were unfamiliar with the entire process and had a lot of questions as we tried to look at properties through pictures and his personal visits. When I returned to Florida a few weeks later, Alan had narrowed down a list that he thought I'd find interesting and we found three different homes we really liked. After losing the first home due to not taking Alan's advice (and my stubornness) we settled on our second choice. The process could not have been any easier and we just closed on our home in July and recently visited and stayed in the home for the first time. Not only has Alan been a tremendous agent in helping us find a home but he has been a great asset for questions on how/where to rent, furniture and decorating styles, property management companies, contractors to use to make renovations, etc. He has really made this whole experience great and we could not have done it without him." - Mike and Deanna Keane - New York

"Alan is a great professional and he did everything to assist us to find and buy our house in Encantada Resort (http://encantadaresortflorida.com). He also helped us to find a bank to provide us a mortgage. I have no words to describe Alan’s dedication to us. I HIGHLY recommend him to any people." - Jose-Roberto Barros - Quebec, Canada

"We sold 3 homes with Alan & Jane. They do everything they say they will do and on time, which is worth everything. They are so experienced that they are able to predict problems well in advance and take steps to put them right before they can go wrong, they have worked tirelessly marketing and holding Open Houses and have sold all three homes between February and June, now that's what I call selling!!! You can't ask for anymore than that." - Dave Griffiths - UK

"Alan made the process of buying a vacation home in Florida run smoothly. Alan is knowledgeable, responsive, professional and honest. We were pleased and have since recommended Alan to friends. Thank you!" - Kevin and Kerry-Ann Stoddart - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

"We are very happy that our Canadian friends referred us to Alan for the purchase of our Florida home. Alan was very responsive and made the whole process run smoother than we had anticipated. He doesnt believe in the hard sale and had our interests in mind. We recommend him." - Mike Bagnall - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

"My wife Carol did 99% of the leg work looking for a home in the Orlando/Disney area. I was involved only by telephone a thousand miles away. Alan was instrumental in advising us on pricing and "correct properties". Alan proved to be not only an excellent realtor who really does have a pulse on what is happening in his territory, but was an assuring partner to the transaction. Alan not only proved to be a good realtor, but he has also remained in contact with us providing continuing help with our property. His knowledge of local workmen and "how things are done" have proved to be very valuable. Laid back not pushy. My kind of realtor." - Paul and Carol Surprenant - Manchester, NH USA

"Alan went above and beyond what we could have ever begun to expect in a real estate agent. He met with us when we would fly down to Orlando and was ready with many appropriate houses to view.  He found our house for us and it could not have been more perfect.  We still call Alan when we visit our Florida home as we now consider him a friend. Words cannot express our appreciation for all of his help and his friendship." - Candace Johnson - Middleville, MI

"We have been working with Alan since 2009. We have purchased and sold a few properties with his help and continue to play the Real Estate game. We appreciate Alan's no nonsense approach and true, realistic opinion as we are in Eastern Canada and rely totally on his eyes and gut. Pictures only tell a certain part of the story and Alan has been great to work with. We continue to use his services and have recommended him to our friends! Thanks Alan!" - Sylvianne and Jeff Forbes - Nova Scotia, Canada

We feel

so lucky to have met Alan!!  Alan has smoothly and efficiently helped us purchase and sell a home with us being thousands of miles away!! All the best, Alan!!! P.S. You can also look at my review from when we bought and see that in 4 years, Alan has continued to be true to his dedication and amazing service!! Never a doubt!!

"As like many others, we met Alan at an open house. At that point we had already bought one home in the Kissimmee area but were looking for another. Our requirements were a little tougher as we wanted all our homes in the same location. But true to other testimonials, Alan and Jane looked after our needs and we now have three homes in the same resort!! Alan and Jane are not just realtors but friends. It's comforting to know you have someone you can trust, especially in another country." - Elaine and Bill Reid - Newfoundland, Canada

"Your home search is truly a one-stop experience with Alan LaFrance! Alan was referred to us in May 2010 by a colleague. Her description of him and his services was just sliver of the extremely positive experience we have had with him. Alan is Reliable, Prompt, Knowledgeable, Honest, and most of all filled with Patience. All of our questions and requests were answered within the same day, and if he did not have the answer immediately he would make the right connections to get the information we needed. This was an emotional charged transaction for us, and Alan understood this, never forcing us to make decisions or swaying us in a particular direction. Alan just simply presents the facts and provides us with the information we need to make informed decisions and choices. We are now the proud owners of a lovely home in Kissimmee. The purchase of this house was completed while we were at home in Canada and the reason for this is the trust and confidence we have in Alan. Alan continues to support us in anyway he can as we transition to Florida homeownership! Thank you Alan, you are an exceptional professional and trustworthy realtor.  If you want an excellent buying experience, work with Alan and his team." - Zena, Crystal and Nassor Samuels - Canada

"FANTASTIC, CARING, HONEST, PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE AGENT. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when talking about our experience with Alan. We found Alan on the internet and decided that if he could help people from Europe find a house in Florida and earn such great testimonials then he surely could help in our search. This was the best decision we could have made.  He is the most knowledgeable and dependable agent we have ever worked with, and we have had many real estate transactions. He was always quick to return calls, even when he was on vacation. When we were unable to find a suitable property during our visit, he agreed to preview homes and give his insights to us back home. We bought our house sight unseen just on his recommendation. It was everything he had said and more. The amount of time and effort he put into our search goes above and beyond any expectations we had. We truly cannot say enough glowing words about the whole process. He is absolutely the best real estate agent you will ever come across. If you are looking to buy property in Florida you can not go wrong with Alan and his team." - Linda and Bill Petryk - Washington State, USA

"Dear, Alan, We can't even begin to explain how completely thrilled we are with our Florida purchase. You have been the the utmost professional throughout the entire process. You have raised the bar for what clients should expect from a realtor. Your communication skills are top notch every step of the way. No detail is too small and we were always well informed. You went so far above and beyond the call of duty with making arrangements, ensuring every base was covered.With your kind and friendly help we were able to have all of the trades people lined up in a very short time period.  All of your time spent on our purchase is so appreciated. You are continuing to follow up with us even after closing, just to see that we are content and looked after. We truly feel that we have an ally and guide in Florida that is protecting our interests! As well, you take great care to hand pick any trades or service people that you recommend which makes it such a stress-free process for us. Doing renovations in a new city can be very intimidating and you really helped ease our anxiety. Alan provides supreme customer service right down to every detail and query we have. We really liked how Alan took digital photos to record any work done when we were not present. It is very rare to find people that keep their word and follow up as you do. We feel like we have had the royal treatment right from our very first meeting over 18 months ago. We immediately felt confident and trusting that Mickey Homes was a great fit for us. Throughout the hunt for our property you were extremely knowledgeable of the area and the buying process. We never felt pressured to purchase and you were very patient in letting us take the time to make the right decision-you really do want what is best for your clients, unlike some realtors who will push a sale just to benefit themselves. To attest to this, we trusted your unbiased and gentle advice to steer away from a property we had originally considered as you felt there was another one that was more suitable for us.  You were 1000% correct and we are completely satisfied with our purchase. We purchased this home based on photos and recomendations from you  and we have a perfect fit. If anyone is looking to buy property in the states, we would 'demand' that they call you first. Recently there was some negative press for Canadians buying properties in the states in regards to improper handling of foreclosure properties by the US banks. Alan assured us that we were covered in the process and attended to every detail,explaining the process and Florida laws.He is truly a man of his word and contacted the parties that needed to be on our behalf. There could be a lot of problems with real estate transactions, if you don't have the right people handling them. Not a worry with Alan. We were pleased that the emails kept coming and we were never forgotten about, even when it seemed we were dragging our heels. At the same time, no pressure, just providing information to educate us in the process. Alan is full of integrity and was always in touch whether we were at home or in Florida.  He even kept in touch with us and followed up when he was away on a personal trip. Outstanding-more than we could ever expect. We truly appreciate the fantastic service! From our initial consultations to providing examples of how to furnish our home, it has been a true pleasure to work with Alan. Our only wish is that we could be there on all of the cold winter days here!We plan to keep in touch! A perfect gold star for the handling of our purchase-thank you so much." - Nancy and Jarett - Alberta Canada

"We have just "closed" on our property in Windsor Palms. We like so many other people here, found Alan from looking at one of his open houses on Emerald Island (ballons and sign following). If your after the Number 1 realtor in the U.S, then you have just found them in Mickey Homes. We are from the U.k and knew nothing of the U.S house buying system. Through the whole buying process Alan was informative throughout. He kept us in the loop at all times,assisted us in filling out the endless forms, returned calls and emails promptly and fought our corner every step of the way. When you need a realtor you can trust and depend upon then Alan and his company are the ones for you. We would be happy to recommend him directly, just contact him for our email address." - Dan and Joe Ennis - Chatham, UK

"When we decided to begin a search for a vacation rental property in Orlando, my wife and I were given a recommendation to work with Alan at MickeyHomes. We are definitely glad we did. We made one trip to Orlando and Alan gave us a great selection of options to look at, all while providing the information we had to have but otherwise letting us come to our own conclusions. Most of the work was done while we are at home in Canada, with Alan checking out places on our behalf we knew we could trust his opinion and advice. We appreciate how responsive Alan was during this process. We never felt any pressure after placing bids on, multiple properties over an extended period. Just great service overall and we highly recommend him. Thanks Gary and Ellen Milligan" - Gary and Ellen Milligan - Canada

" This is the first testimonial that we have ever written but the service that we have received from Mickey Homes has been amazing. We researched all the British companies and local Realtors (Estate Agents) who specialise in the Orlando area. If you want to wait days / weeks for a reply to your enquiry then by all means use them. If on the other hand you would like a response the same day and all your questions answered then I urge you use Alan and Jane LaFrance at Mickey Homes. Alan is the most unlikely Realtor that we have ever met (He’s really nice, not like any of the Estate Agents that we have ever dealt with). He is intelligent, friendly and will go way beyond his remit as a Realtor to help you out. We didn’t know the first thing about buying a home in Florida and whilst we didn’t have a million dollar budget we certainly received a million dollar service. Alan helped us from start to finish and he understands that as UK clients we didn’t have a clue how the US home buying system works. He patiently answered all our questions (and trust me there were many) and didn’t make us feel like idiots. Alan sent many properties for us to look at by e-mail that fitted our requirements and budget before we travelled to Florida. He answered all our questions about bank accounts, deposits, rental zones and explained about short sales (don’t go there!), bank owned and resale properties. When we arrived in Florida he showed us lots of different properties and areas until we found the perfect home for us. He was still working for us when he and Jane went on holiday (vacation) and I would like to thank Jane for putting up with us and apologise for interrupting their break. Alan has additionally gone way beyond finding us a home, he has helped us to open a bank account, set up the utilities, find a tax consultant, find a management company, find an air conditioning engineer (he even went to our house to let him in), find furniture and even bailed me out when I forgot to add the $20 bank fee when I wired the money so that we could close on time. What kind of Realtor do you know that would do all that? Please consider using Mickey Homes if you want to buy a home in Florida. Alan and Jane are American so they know their own market and they have both spent time in the UK so they understand their UK clients. There is no hard sale and the decision to buy a property is left completely up to you. Thank you Alan and Jane, Lyn & Alan" - Lyn Stewart and Alan Jones - Scotland

"We met Alan and Jane during an open house. We had a good long chat with them about wanting to buy a house in Florida but were unsure whether we wanted to buy a new build or an older property. Right there and then Alan made a few telephone calls, and arranged for us viewings and gave up his time to show us all the new and old properties. One of the sites he took us to was Windsor Hills Reserve, where we fell in love with a new build Brentwood 6 bed, 4 bath with a pool home. As we were not in the States during the selection, purchase and build process Alan's service was much more than we have expected. We only chose the style of the house, colours, tiles and carpets. Alan did all the rest for us: he liaised between us and our builder to purchase the appropriate lot. In our name Alan had meetings with the builder making sure that our wishes were understood by them. Alan has even visited the site to photograph the build process for us, and he was the one who inspected the finished product. Alan has guided us step by step and was a phone call and an email away to answer all our questions. We feel very fortunate to have found in him, a patient helpful, and supportive guide during our first U.S. house purchase. Patient, toward our lack of understanding the way real estate system works in the U.S. and patient toward our particular ways of ensuring that everyone involved is on the same page. Helpful, especially during the handover process when he was standing in for us, doing the walk-through inspecting the finished house and making sure that it is up to standard including ensuring that the utilities were all working. Alan has eased our stress during the house building process but most importantly over the last 9 months we have learned that Alan can be counted on and trusted. Alan is our No 1 U.S. Realtor! We would highly recommend him to all our friends in the U.K. and anyone who may also be looking to purchase a home in the U.S. We wish Alan and Jane all the best and are looking forward to spending time with them on our upcoming visit in few weeks time." - Josie and Maurice Mendez UK

"In May we went over to Florida to have a holiday and perhaps look at buying property whilst we were there. We didn't understand the buying process or the way the Estate Agency or Real Estate system works. Unlike the UK, where a town/city might have 10 Estate Agents marketing 100 properties each, in Florida a Realtor has a small number of his/her own properties but has access to everybody else's on the local list (called the MLS). In this way, the agent becomes 'your' agent and can show you a multitude of properties dependent upon your own desires. We happened upon Alan's Open House sign with his blue balloons on the junction of Formosa Gardens Boulevard and Highway 192 and followed the trail of boards and balloons to a property that he was doing an Open House in on the Rolling Hills Estate. Out of curiosity we had a look around the house and casually got into conversation with Alan. The next morning he picked us up from our Hotel and we went to through our likes/dislikes/budget etc. Between us we created a list of a dozen or so properties that we would like to view, which he then took us around. We did the same the following day with further houses and then visited the shortlist one more time, finally picking the house that we now own. Throughout this whole period (and in 90 degree heat) Alan left us entirely at ease and did not try to impose his own thoughts - he let the properties speak for themselves - we felt under no pressure to decide whether we bought or we didn't; he was so totally unlike many UK Agents and didn't push anything. Alan handled the entire sale from the offer to the closing with consummate professionalism and the only pain we had was paying for the house!! In the last year we have been back to our home in Kissimmee three times and on each occasion have met up with Alan both on his own and together with Jane several times and now count them as our friends. It was a quirk of fate maybe, brought about by a trail of blue balloons but we couldn't have wished to have found a more honest, professional, unflappable but most importantly a nicer guy than Alan and would wholeheartedly recommend both him and Jane to help you in what is, at the end of the day, a potentially very traumatic and 'strange' process for ourselves, particularly given the geographic and procedural divide!" - Chris and George Bernard ENGLAND

"Alan - you were brilliant! Living in England and this being our first experience of buying in Florida, we could not believe how helpful and supportive you were. We only had a long weekend in which to find a property and yet you were quick to understand our needs and find the perfect property for us, patiently standing by whilst we revisited our final choice four times in the space of a couple of days!! You then held our hand via phone, fax and e-mail and guided us through every step of the process - we couldn't have wished for anyone more helpful, friendly and above all, totally professional. Thanks again for all your help and best wishes for your future success. Hope to see you when we visit our new home." - Jill and Barrie Gunter England

"Thanks Alan for your hard work and never ending patience in finding us our holiday home in Disney, your friendly attitude and no hard sell really made a difference. We will recommend your service with confidence. Thanks again Lesley, Andy, Ellie & Scott from Scotland" - Andrew and Lesley Campbell Scotland

"Alan- Your the best all the patience and care you gave us when looking to find the perfect home for us. We thought it was not going to happen but you did it... The professional service was just topping on the cake! Thanks for everything." - Terri and Frank Kiernan NY NY

"Dear Alan, Please accept our deepest heartfelt thanks for the assistance you gave us regarding the purchase of our house in Davenport. Your patience and constant contact with us during the process made a very scary venture seem easy. Being in Connecticut and trying to shop long distance would have been impossible had we not had an agent that we could trust completely. Your continuous emails of available homes and information regarding anything from homeowners associations to tax issues was something we could never have done without. After dragging you through so many houses in the space of two days, you developed a real sense of what we were looking for, and when you finally found THE one, you were on it right away. Knowing that you had the integrity to show us only the best possibilities gave us the confidence to make an offer on our beautiful home after only seeing a few pictures. Imagine our absolute joy when, seeing the home for the first time(on the day of closing) it was actually better than we'd hoped for! You went above and beyond our expectations. When we begin our search to relocate to Florida, Barbara and I know that you will be our real estate agent. Again, thanks for everything." - Barbara and Dennis Taylor Conneticut USA

"Buying a home is always a stressful time but buying abroad in a foreign country is even more worrying. To contemplate the process of buying a home 4000miles from the UK involving strangers is full of potential pitfalls. However, we both took to Alan immediately not pushy not overbearing but on hand if we wanted his advice or opinion. He was always available even when he went on vacation snowboarding(so he says) he still contacted us to make sure everything was progressing well. Yes I would definitely recommended Alan LaFrance and his team to anyone who wanted independent advice and help in buying a property in Florida. It was more straight forward than purchasing in England. Guess what the customer comes first not the solicitor or the estate agent!!!!" - Kevin and Ann Aldread UK

"You have been so patient and so warm thoughout the house-hunting process. We can`t imagine our luck in finding the perfect guide for us. Thank you so much for your professionalism and expertise, and your friendship and kindness. All the best in every way." - Paul and Crystal Choice UK

"Dear Alan, Thanks for all your help in finding the perfect vacation house for us in Kissimmee. We had almost given up on finding a house with all the features we needed at a price we could afford, but you never did. Thanks for all your time and patience in helping us through the home-buying process. We are looking forward to many happy vacations in our new home and wish you the best of luck. Keep in touch." - Laurel, Steve and JEN Cohen Mass. USA


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