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Top resorts to own a rental home near Disney


Why? It's the closest Pool Home Resort to Disney World.


Why? It's one of the closest New Pool Home Resorts to Disney World


Why? It's one of the closest pool home resorts near Disney World currently with the best deals on larger homes.


Why? This resort is quaint and less than 4 miles from Disney World.


Why? Another New Resort Close to Disney World with interesting architecture and floor plans.

The above communities are Jane & Alan approved.

Don't believe if you buy a home for vacation rental purposes anywhere near Disney World it will be a money producing property because it is not true. Like any real estate purchase location..location..location is extremely important but there are many other factors to consider and questions you should ask yourself. Does the association own the club house? Will you as an owner have say on any expansions? Will your guests even yourself have to pay to use any community facilities on a daily or weekly basis? Is the Realtor I talked with a vacation short term rental expert or does he or she specialize in residential sales? Just because the home and community look pretty in pictures if it's in the wrong resort or subdivision it will not be an investment, it will be a burden and hard to sell in the future.

Free advise. 

Buy a home where the home owners association owns the club house and all of its facilities.

Jane & Alan knows which communities that do and which communities that don't.

Experience matters!

Owning a house near Disney that can pay for itself is just plain fun.