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The Buying Process

Reaching Out

You are thinking about buying a home near Disney and you landed on this website.

Realtors Jane & Alan LaFrance have been sitting in front of their computers for hours punching each other in the arm waiting for someone to reach out to them for their help.

If you like the Bold get the seller in the headlock to submission kind of approach than email Jane at or call her directly at 407-436-2130

If you like the Soft shucks kind of approach who stands quietly in the back ground while you take everything in than email Alan at or call him directly at 407-492-7254

First Step

You've reached out, you have a price point, you may already know of the area or even the subdivision you want to buy in and conveyed it to Jane or Alan. They have sent you a bunch of properties to look over based on what you told them, this is the time to think of what you want. Maybe your price point allows you a bigger home than you thought, a home closer to Disney than you thought you could afford so simply have Jane or Alan change the criteria to look at other choices.

What is important to you?

Maybe you have a bad knee so a ground floor master suite is important to you.

Maybe eating out is important so you may want a home close to the restaurants.

Maybe you like new, there are a lot of new communities being built.

Maybe you are a sun worshipper, South and West facing pools get the most sun.

Maybe it's about price and you wouldn't mind driving 20- 30 minutes to Disney for a lesser price.

Just let Jane or Alan know what is important to you.

You've narrowed down the properties and you arrive next week.

Look at your upcoming schedule while in Orlando and pick a Day or 2 to go around looking at what you chose.

Be aware because many of the homes you chose in the vacation rental district there is a chance vacationers may be occupying them when you are here to look and we as Realtors can-not bother guests. So make a good list knowing you maybe able to see 90% of the homes on that list. Jane and Alan are very good about making sure you see a home with the same floor plan in the same neighborhood if they can-not show you one that is occupied. If you are only looking into a few neighborhoods in the same area seeing 12 - 14 homes is a breeze in around 3 hours. If you are not sure of what area you want to be in seeing 12 -14 homes is a Day's work for for you than Jane & Alan because you're doing all of the thinking.

Jane or Alan are happy to pick you up at your Hotel or Rental

Let them do the driving, this way you get to pick their brains between showings. If you prefer to drive and follow it is no problem, it will give you and the family some precious time together to pick on Alan's skinny legs in the privacy of your own car if you chose him.

You found the right home for you. 

It's time to make the offer, Jane and Alan like to educate their buyers meaning when you find the right one they prefer to send you what has sold in that neighborhood recently, what is for sale in that neighborhood to see if the seller's asking price is in line or high.

The offer

All offers are in writing, they are done on a Florida State FAR/BAR contract and there are 2 types more commonly used, a regular contract and an AS IS contract. Since the crash most listing agents request an AS IS contract, you as a buyer are protected on both but an AS IS in simple terms means the seller isn't going to fix little items found on an inspection. Yes if it's an expensive structural or functional item that needs to be fixed or replaced found on your inspection/ survey report the seller would be foolish not to fix it for you because if you walk away ( which you can ) the same flaw will be found by the next buyer's inspection/ survey report.


UK Resources

UK Flag       US Flag

How Property is sold in the US and what co-broke means.

The process of buying property in the US is different than in the UK. In the US all Real Estate Agents by law have to be educated in core law and licensed to sell Real Property. Also by law licensed agents can show and/ or make offers on other Real Estate Agencies Listings, fact is 90% of the listings sold in the US are sold by other Realtors from a different Agencies. This is possible because Realtor's Association has 1 database for each region throughout the Country, we call the database the  MLS - "Multiple Listings System"  a company that every licensed estate agent must belong to, pay dues to and comply by there rules of ethics. The Realtor's Association demands to have us put on all information about a new listings on the MLS within 48 hours for all licensed agents to see to send their clients for a possible showing or purchase. This system allows us to be able to show you any home in Florida, the process is a co-broke meaning that someone years ago thought estate agents who had more properties to show to their customers are more productive for both buyers and sellers. Commissions are standard and predetermined before the listing hits the market, commissions are split between the 2 agencies and paid by the seller. Every UK client we've had likes our system because it eliminates selling, you tell us what price range you are in, how many bedrooms, the type of property right down to the Street you wish to live on we can show you everything on the market to you on the computer first then in person after picking the ones you liked.

Again the seller pays our commission but as our buyer we work for you.

All of the builders work with us the same way, so if you are looking for a new home we can show you anything as they send us all of their information pricing etc..

Finance is available, right now the lenders require 30% down.

The average time it takes from accepted offer to ownership /close on a property is 45 days for a mortgaged buyer, 9 business Days ( if chosen ) for cash on a resale 2-3 Days on an already built New Build and you don't need to be here to sign paperwork as it can be done back in your Country thanks to FedEx, UPS & Bank Wires.

Before scheduling an appointment get to know us first by reading our testimonials

We are here to answer any questions you may have about the process!

UK and US


- US Immigration info

- US Tax ID

 Arriving to Orlando International Airport

- Re-Sale Homes Near Disney

- New Pool Homes Near Disney



Contact us today as we specialize in the short-term rental area near Disney World. We have a lot of experience with UK clients.

To:  Jane and Alan LaFrance

First Name: 
Last Name: 

The seller agreed to your offer!

Time tables are now in play

This is when Jane and Alan shine above the rest, they know how to communicate, they take you 1 step at a time making sure you do what you need to do within the time tables written into the agreement and more importantly make sure the knuckelhead Realtor representing the seller on the other side of the contract does what they are supposed to be doing so we have a smooth transaction with no surprises ( Maybe knucklehead is harsh but to be determined).

1st) You will have 3 Days to send over the refundable escrow/ good faith deposit ( usually $5k ) to the title agency who in Florida the seller or more than likely the knucklehead seller's agent will pick. Title agencies work for both parties, they do the payoffs, transfer of title, deeds etc. like a lawyer/ solicitor does buy they do not advise or disclose information from 1 side to the other. Title agencies follow the rule of the contract,, what we've written and what was agreed between buyers and sellers.

2nd) We will have on average 15 Days to have an inspection/ survey performed ( not a problem they can set it up) the inspector will need to be paid before the inspection, it ranges from $300 -400 depending on the size of the home.

3rd) If you're financed, a contract will be sent to your lender so they can set up an appraisal, the lender will want a termite inspection done ( another $100 more ), if you are a foreign national being financed it will take around 45 -60 Days to close/ take ownership. If you are American around 30 -35 Days. Financed buyers contracts are subject to actually obtaining finance and inspection/ survey approval. If you are a cash buyer you could close as early as 10 Days, inspections/ surveys can be done within 5 Days with your approval. Cash buyers contracts are subject to inspection/ survey approval.

4th) The inspections/ surveys came out acceptable, the finance is all set and you are 1 week from taking ownership. This is the time Jane or Alan has sent you the utility company information to set up utilities in advance, if the home is a vacation rental Jane or Alan has already sent you a or some property managers to interview and have set up. If there are owner bookings going to you the new owner an arrangement has been made to transfer information and monies agreed upon during negotiaions.

5th) The Day before closing/ taking ownership, if you will not be here at closing which is common, Jane or Alan will do the final walk through of the home for you to be sure if it's a new home the builder finished everything the way it was agreed, the cabinets are the right color, the flooring is correct to the contract etc... If it is a re-sale home and was being sold fully furnished they will make sure everything is there the way you saw it and if not in either case new or used we can stop the closing until the builder or re-seller makes it right or walk away with no penalty.

Closing / Taking Ownership

If thank you gifts are a big deal to you at closing than you should go with Jane because Alan is known to buy Fruitcake in bulk and he swears they will last a year or more before going bad.

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