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How Property is sold in the US and what co-broke means.

The process of buying property in the US is different than in the UK. In the US all Real Estate Agents by law have to be educated in core law and licensed to sell Real Property. Also by law licensed agents can show and/ or make offers on other Real Estate Agencies Listings, fact is 90% of the listings sold in the US are sold by other Realtors from a different Agencies. This is possible because Realtor's Association has 1 database for each region throughout the Country, we call the database the  MLS - "Multiple Listings System"  a company that every licensed estate agent must belong to, pay dues to and comply by there rules of ethics. The Realtor's Association demands to have us put on all information about a new listings on the MLS within 48 hours for all licensed agents to see to send their clients for a possible showing or purchase. This system allows us to be able to show you any home in Florida, the process is a co-broke meaning that someone years ago thought estate agents who had more properties to show to their customers are more productive for both buyers and sellers. Commissions are standard and predetermined before the listing hits the market, commissions are split between the 2 agencies and paid by the seller. Every UK client we've had likes our system because it eliminates selling, you tell us what price range you are in, how many bedrooms, the type of property right down to the Street you wish to live on we can show you everything on the market to you on the computer first then in person after picking the ones you liked.

Again the seller pays our commission but as our buyer we work for you.

All of the builders work with us the same way, so if you are looking for a new home we can show you anything as they send us all of their information pricing etc..

Finance is available, right now the lenders require 30% down.

The average time it takes from accepted offer to ownership /close on a property is 45 days for a mortgaged buyer, 9 business Days ( if chosen ) for cash on a resale 2-3 Days on an already built New Build and you don't need to be here to sign paperwork as it can be done back in your Country thanks to FedEx, UPS & Bank Wires.

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